Lara (Stremsterfer) Donovan

Lara (Stremsterfer) DonovaCurrent Location: Springfield, IL
Hometown: Springfield, IL

UIS Degree: B.A. 2005 (Communication), M.A. 2007 (Communication)

Current Position
Project Manager at web development company GoWeb1

Memories of SSU/UIS 
“Walking across campus when the colonnade was nearing completion. I was heading to my graduate assistantship office in The UIS Art Gallery as workers powerfully chiseled the word ‘SPRINGFIELD,’ stone bits blasting in every direction. I remember pausing to savor that history-in-the-making moment and feeling very much a part of campus growth and progress.”

How did UIS change or prepare you? 
“While pursuing my B.A., I struggled with the fact that career path options are almost too vast to focus on as a Communication major. My graduate assistantship gave me first-hand experience in planning events and juggling behind-the-scenes details. I felt very well-suited in my role during that time and realized if I could make that feeling last into my next ‘job’, I would officially be on my career path. The steps I’ve taken since have felt like steps in the right direction. We all have to start somewhere; I am glad my start was in the UIS Art Gallery.”

Favorite Movie 
“As a young child I remember groaning every time my parents were watching a black and white movie. They would joke ‘it’s black-and-white; must be a classic!” As time passed I became more tolerant and now look forward to watching old movies, as they have a tendency to bring me back to those moments curled up on my childhood couch. The film for me will always be It’s a Wonderful Life. I just love this ageless storyline, which reminds us that life is always worth it, even in the worst of circumstances.”

Posted on July 22, 2014