Jeff Crabtree

Jeff CrabtreeCurrent Location: Springfield, IL
Hometown: West Frankfort, IL

UIS Degrees: B.A. 2003 (Political Studies), M.P.A. 2013 (Master of Public Administration)

Current Position
Political Director – Teamsters Joint Council 25

Career Highlights
“My career has taken me to many different places, including the opportunity to live and work many years in Chicago and travel internationally. I have worked in the legislative process for over twelve years and led efforts in many political campaigns throughout the Midwest. As a political director for the Teamsters, I enjoy being an advocate for working people in the legislative and political process. I previously served as an advisor in the Illinois Governor’s Office and a policy analyst in the Illinois Senate. I am grateful for the professional and personal growth these experiences have given me.”

Memories of UIS/SSU
“The first memory that comes to mind is Professor Bob Sipe. I remember being very intimidated by his political philosophy class, but it turned out to be one of my favorite classes and a great experience because of him.”

How did UIS/SSU changed or prepared you?
“I chose UIS because it allowed me to pursue my interests in Illinois government and politics. I found work in the General Assembly while in school and worked full-time in the General Assembly throughout my undergrad studies at UIS. The experiences I gained in the classroom helped me to make the connections I needed to cultivate a career in government and politics. I learned how to balance work and school at a young age and it made me a better person.”

Interesting Fact
“I love to run. I run many races each year including the Chicago Marathon. It helps me clear my mind and I don’t know what I would do without it.”

Posted on January 12, 2016