Evan Jean (Wilson) Lawrence

Evan Jean LawrenceCurrent Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Hometown: Champaign, IL

UIS Degree: M.A. 2007 (Political Studies)
Other Degrees: B.S., Indiana University; Ph.D., Lancaster University

Current Position
Visiting lecturer in International Relations and Politics at Liverpool Hope University and in Terrorism and Security at Staffordshire University

Career Highlights
Lawrence has spent much of her adult life living and learning abroad. Her doctoral dissertation was titled The Use of Peace NGOs as a Nontraditional Counterterrorist Tactic: A Case Study of the Basque Region of Spain. She has served as Visiting Lecturer on Terrorism at the University of Salford. She has conducted extensive fieldwork in the Basque Country in Spain and has developed an understanding on how civil society plays a role in the transition to democracy and how it plays a part in hindering a terrorist organization. Her knowledge about terrorism, counterterrorism, their methods, policy platforms and policing make her a regular interview subject for both local and national stories on terrorism and security on the BBC and various other media outlets throughout the country.

Favorite Memory of UIS
“While I attended classes to complete my Masters I also worked as a Graduate Assistant for the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project,” said Lawrence. “One of my favorite moments and one that has had a lasting effect was being involved in the project’s work to free Julie Rae Harper. Being in court with the project when the verdict came down that Julie was a free woman and able to walk out of court that day with her head held high was an amazing feeling knowing that justice was set right and good prevailed. Additionally, getting to meet other exonerees and hear them tell their stories was fascinating, especially being able to meet Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter.”

Advice for Students
“If you don’t like something change it, if something isn’t working on campus fix it, never be afraid to stand up for your rights and the rights of your fellow students. Don’t be afraid to work hard and vocally about things you’re passionate about.”

Interesting Fact
Lawrence plays Roller Derby with one of the top ranked teams in Europe, the Rainy City Roller Girls.

Posted on March 31, 2015