Amanda Wilczynski

Amanda WilczynskiCurrent Location: Naperville, IL
Hometown: Compton, IL

UIS Degree: B.S. 2012 (Computer Science)

Current Position
Software Developer

Career Highlights
“UIS gave me the tools and skills to get a job anywhere in the country. I took my skills to Nashville, TN and lived there for three years after graduation. I have just recently moved back to Illinois to be closer to family and have started a new job here. If one can have highlights just into a young career, it’s that I have had no trouble obtaining a job where ever I’d like to have one.”

Memories of SSU/UIS
“My favorite memory of UIS has to be Springfest in 2010. I made some life-long friends with people on my team that I didn’t really know before the week began. There’s something about doing incredibly embarrassing things like performing a chant in front of a couple hundred people to the rhythm of ‘My Humps’ by Black Eyed Peas, which really brings you together. I also have wonderful memories of my time spent involved with Christian Student Fellowship on campus.”

How did UIS change or prepare you?
“I owe my thanks to UIS, and Mary Sheila Tracy for introducing me to programming. I never thought of it as a career for myself before college. I was in the midst of pursuing a Math degree when I took programming 101. Mary Sheila encouraged me to pursue a degree in Computer Science instead. From there she and the rest of the CS department helped me develop and hone my skills as a programmer. They provided challenging courses that taught me to think critically and gave me a solid foundation in which I am building my career. I would have never discovered my passion for coding had it not been for UIS.”

Interesting Fact
“My favorite thing to do is travel. I hope one day to see all that this country has to offer. Last year, I got to hang-glide in Tennessee and it was incredible, albeit the scariest thing I have ever done.”

Posted on September 28, 2015