Alum - Any of various crystalline double salts of a trivalent metal (such as aluminum, chromium, or iron) and a monovalent metal (such as potassium or sodium), especially aluminum potassium sulfate. Alum is widely used in industry as a hardener and purifier, and in medicine as an emetic and to stop bleeding.

Alum – An inclusive slang term for a graduate of a university or other institution…the term Alum has fluidity, though, as recognition of non-binary individuals continues to evolve.  

alumna / alumnae / alumnus / alumni / alum - “Alumna” is the feminine singular term for someone who has attended a school; “alumnae” is its plural, meaning multiple women who have attended a school. “Alumnus” is the masculine singular term. “Alumni” is plural, used for multiple men or for a group comprised of more than one gender (so it does not make sense to refer to an individual as “an alumni”). The shortened, gender-neutral forms “alum” and “alums” can be used in less formal contexts. There is no such thing as “former alumni”; use simply “alumni” or “former students.”

Alumni is used to refer to either or both sexes where both attend the same school. The singular forms are alumnus for a man, and alumna for a woman.

Graduate – Fated term? A graduate of a school or college; a student studying for a graduate degree, such as a PhD.

Alumnis – incorrect! Don’t use!