African-American Studies Minor

Students fulfilling the minor in African-American Studies will complete an introductory interdisciplinary core course, plus curriculum in History, Literature/Creative Expression, and upper-division elective hours. The minor consists of at least 15 hours, including:

AAS 301 ECCE: African American Studies (Required for Minor) 3
Select one of the following history focused courses: 3-4
ECCE: Survey of African American History I (Recommended for Minor)
Apartheid and Resistance
Or one upper-division elective focused on history:
ECCE: Black Women in Film History
ECCE: African Americans and American Politics
ECCE: Civil Rights Movement of the Twentieth Century
ECCE: Black Women Writers
Select one of the following literature and culture courses: 3-4
Survey of African American Literature (Recommended for Minor)
Calabash: Caribbean Literature and Culture
Or one upper-division elective focused on literature and culture:
ECCE: Multicultural American Novels
ECCE: African American Popular Fiction
ECCE: African American Popular Culture
African And Diaspora Music
Special Topics in African American History and Culture
Special Topics in African American Studies
Topics in Africana Literature
ECCE: Black Women Writers
Plus upper-division elective African-American Studies course work to total at least 15 hours. Students may petition courses in other disciplines that cover African or African-American studies content. 4-6
ECCE: Women of Color and Minority Women
Total Hours 15

Content areas of the special topics courses (AAS 320, AAS 440, AAS 450, AAS 460) and the tutorial course (AAS 499) will vary. Consult Dr. Kemayo for more information.

For a complete list of course offerings, please visit the dynamic course descriptions found on the Records and Registration website and refer to the African-American Studies courses.