Hip Hop Symposium at UIS

Hip Hop GuyIn April 2007, the African-American Studies Program at UIS sponsored its Second Annual Symposium on Hip Hop Culture. The 2007 theme:

ON THE MOVE: Movement and Change in Hip Hop Culture

April 6-7, 2007

As this was Good Friday and Easter Weekend, one of the focal themes was the effects and implications of Gospel Hip Hop in our society.

African-American Studies is looking for interested and committed people to participate at every level:

  • We need performers–Singers/vocalists, Rappers, Dancers, Models, Film-makers, Visual & and Graphics Artists, including Photographers.
  • We need speakers.
  • We need people with energy, planning skills and organizational expertise to help on the Planning Committee.
  • We need help with advertising and fund-raising.
  • We need people to help on the days of the event.


If you are interested or know someone who might be interested: Volunteer or volunteer them.
The 2005 Symposium began with a traditional water libation by Reverend Carey Grady.


Kamau Kemayo


Gloria Sampson

The First Annual Symposium on Hip Hop Culture took place November 4-5, 2005. Titled IN THE MIX: Cross Dialogues Regarding Hip Hop Culture, it

was designed to facilitate discussion about what has been called “one of the most important phenomena in popular culture since television.” Activities included panel presentations, breakout discussions, performances, films and critiques, a fashion show, and an awards banquet.