Chancellor’s Statement

The University of Illinois at Springfield is committed to excellence in a learning environment enriched by diverse experiences, culture and perspectives.  Dedication to diversity is part of the fabric of the university and integral to its vision of becoming one of the best small public liberal arts universities in the region, if not the nation.

UIS is an AEO employer with a strong institutional commitment to recruitment and retention of a diverse and inclusive campus community.

Our Human Rights Policy ensures access, diversity and inclusion for our students and our employees and serves as the foundation for greater understanding, tolerance and respect for every individual.

We challenge our students to examine automatic assumptions and reactions, to question stereotypes, and to reach beyond themselves and across barriers for greater knowledge and acceptance of others.  In doing so, we are preparing them to be socially responsible citizens and to succeed in a multicultural world.

At the University of Illinois at Springfield, the attainment of diversity is the responsibility of every person and the path toward greater civility.  It comes from all of us and challenges all of us. We all benefit from its rewards as we work together to maintain a campus environment that invites and nurtures positive personal and professional growth.

Dr. Richard D. Ringeisen