The director(s) of the unit(s) involved with the approval of the appropriate Division Head may request of the AEO a waiver of the search requirements in Section I to accomplish the following actions:

  • “visiting” appointment – an appointment for up to three years;
  • promotion – the reassignment of a current employee, that results in a change in title, and an increase in salary; and
  • administrative reorganization within or among unit(s) – employee reassignment(s) entailing changes in functions/titles that may or may not include change(s) in salary.

Request for Waiver of Search

The request for a waiver of a search, approved by the appropriate Division Head, shall be submitted to the AEO and shall include:

  • The position description of the position to be filled;
  • The resume of the person being recommended for appointment to the position;
  • A declaration that the recommended person is qualified to fill the position (in addition, for promotions, a declaration that there is no other, similarly situated employee(s) who could be promoted to the position); and
  • A statement of the reason(s) why it’s in the best interest of the institution to forego a search.

Approval of Request

(1) The AEO shall review the request taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Whether the person being recommended is qualified for the position;
  • Whether there are other qualified employees (for promotions);
  • Whether it’s in the best interest of the institution; and
  • Whether the appointment will cause or exacerbate an “underrepresentation” of any racial/ethnic group or gender in the job category or unit(s).

(2) If the request is approved, the AEO shall send written notification to the director(s) and the Division Head.