About Access and Equal Opportunity


The Office of the Associate Chancellor for Access and Equal Opportunity Serves Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administrators in several ways, including:

  • Support for Diversity, Access, and Equal Opportunity
  • AA/EEO, Title IX, ADA Compliance Goals and Obligations
  • Oversight for Academic Searches, Retention Strategies, and Employment Practices
  • Support for Staff Diversity Goals and Initiatives
  • Dialogue, Training and Awareness
  • Complaints and Consultations
  • Conflict Management and Advice
  • Community Outreach



To foster environments and practices which affirm the value of diversity; engage dialogue and discovery; prevent unlawful discrimination and harassment; and open doors to inclusion and achievement.



“…Differences are not failed attempts at being normal,
they are unique manifestations of the human spirit”

Wade Davis


Guiding Collaborative Principle

“…the greatest victory is that which requires no battle”   Sun Tzu


UIS is required by policy to provide
Equal access and opportunity to compete
For qualified persons,
And guided by mission to provide
A welcoming and inclusive campus community