Online MS in Finance Program-New Fall 2021

This Online MSF degree will provide to its students the opportunity to specialize in an area of finance important to organizations requiring strong financial skills and knowledge in managing resources. Specific goals for the program are:

Goal 1: Enhance Disciplinary Knowledge for Institutional and Individual Financial Management

Goal 2: Develop Critical-Thinking & Data Analytical Skills for Financial Analysts and Consultants

Goal 3: Develop Oral and Written Communication/Presentation Skills for Financial Service Professionals

Goal 4: Develop Risk-Management and Self-Disciplinary Skills for Financial Decision Makers and Market Participants


To be fully admitted to the MS in Finance, students must:

  • Have completed all prerequisite courses with grades of C- or higher.
  • TOEFL or IELTS if native language is not English. The minimum score required for TOEFL is 550 (PBT) or 79 (IBT). The minimum score required for IELTS is 6.5 (academic module). Applicants who hold a U.S. bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 2.50 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) are not required to submit TOEFL scores.
  • Personal essay

Applicants who do not meet prerequisite requirements may be granted conditional admission.   Full admission is required before the student can continue beyond 12 credit hours in the MS in Finance degree. Some entrance requirements may be waived for students who can provide evidence of advanced career experience.

Degree Requirements

Required courses for the MS in Finance degree include completion of prerequisite course work typically covered in undergraduate business courses (or their equivalents) and at least 30 hours of core course work and electives covering advanced finance topics, issues, and applications.

Prerequisite courses*

  • ACC 311 Administrative Uses of Accounting or

ACC 211 Managerial Accounting & ACC 212 Financial Accounting

  • ECO 201 Microeconomics or ECO 315 Economics for Administration
  • FIN 302 Principles of Financial Management

*Each completed with a grade of C- or better

Required Core Courses

FIN 502 – Managerial Finance                                   3 credit hours

FIN 505 – Investments                                              3 credit hours

MGT 556 – Entrepreneurial Finance                          3 credit hours

FIN 513 – Financial Markets and Institutions            3 credit hours

FIN 514 – Personal Financial Planning                      3 credit hours

FIN 515 – Financial Analytics and Budgeting           3 credit hours

FIN 516 – Introduction to Financial Psychology 3 credit hours

FIN 517 – Applied Behavioral Finance                     3 credit hours

Elective Courses (two courses from the following options)

ACC 509 – Managerial Accounting                           3 credit hours

ACC 531 – Fraud Examination                                  3 credit hours

ACC 579 – Fiduciary Tax                                           3 credit hours

MIS 578 – Information Security                                 3 credit hours

BUS/MKT 520 – Topics in Marketing                       3 credit hours

FIN 510 – Topics in Finance                                      3 credit hours

BUS 554 – Business Consulting                                 3 credit hours

PAD 545 – Public Financial Management                 3 credit hours

TOTAL                                                                      30 credit hours                                             


  • FIN 502, FIN 505, and FIN 513 must be completed prior to elective courses. All prerequisite requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance program apply to MSF students;
  • FIN 515 Financial Analytics & Budgeting requires FIN 505 as a prerequisite;
  • FIN 517 requires FIN 505 or FIN 516 as a prerequisite;
  • ACC 509: Managerial Accounting requires ACC 311 (Administrative Uses of Accounting) and ECO 315 (Economics for Administration) or equivalent courses;
  • ACC 531: Fraud Examination requires ACC 211 (Introduction to Financial Accounting) and ACC 212 (Introduction to Managerial Accounting) or equivalent courses;
  • ACC 579: Fiduciary Tax requires ACC 443 (Federal Income Taxation) or equivalent


Closure Requirement

All students are required to successfully pass a comprehensive examination available in their last semester of planned enrollment. This case-based exam will evaluate students’ ability to apply main concepts and analytical tools mastered in the core courses of the program.