Dr. Feng-Shun Bin (Leo)

PNC Distinguished Professor, Finance
Ph.D., University of Mississippi

E-mail: fbin1@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7908
Office: UHB 4045

Area of specialization: Finance, Risk Analysis

Dr.  Feng-Shun “Leo” Bin moved from China to the US in 1993 for graduate studies at the University of Mississippi, earned his M.A. degree in Economics and Ph.D. in Finance (with two minors in Accounting Theories and Quantitative Methods).

Since 2001, Leo has been serving the UIS, and his primary teaching areas include corporate financial management, investment analysis, financial institution management and capital budgeting. He has published various journal articles about financial analysis and international investment, focusing on the exchange-rate risk, interest-rate risk, market risk, political risk, foreign stocks listed in the US market, and US policy changes in financial reporting practices.

Leo is particularly interested in analyzing and managing various types of financial risk.  Since 2015, he has become one of the Chartered Risk Analysts (CRA), whose profession focuses on financial risk analysis. In July 2018, he was also awarded the PNC Distinguished Professorship of Banking and Finance.

Dr. Matthew Brown
Assistant Professor, Economics
Ph.D., Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

E-mail: mbrow33@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7916
Office: UHB 4056

Areas of Specialization: Financial Economics, Managerial Accounting, Law and Economics, Economic Growth History

Professor Brown is an assistant professor in the Department of Accounting, Economics, and Finance. He has a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from Florida State University; an M.A. in Economics from American University; and an M.S. in Accountancy from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He previously taught economics at Montana State University, Santa Clara University, and Florida State University. 

Professor Brown’s scholarship focuses on two broad primary relationships; first, on the relationship between institutions and other power structures and the realization of personal outcomes and social progress. And the second, a focus on the inseparable and important over-arching connection between businesses and society. His goal is to use the economic way of thinking and other business disciplines to create an interdisciplinary discourse that informs these questions. His research perspective is also deeply informed by his understanding of the importance of economic growth and success to help foster and create an environment for social progress, individual opportunity, and fairness. This is an area where economics, accounting, and ethics have an important role still to play in understanding how accounting and business practices, and government policies, impact important outcomes for individuals and society. ​

Professor Brown is an avid consumer of and student of American popular culture and has written on Broadway, literature, and movies. He is an active promoter and philanthropic supporter of Drum Corp International, and music education generally, and is a travel enthusiast having visited 51 countries and 49 states (and is always looking for an excuse to finally visit Vermont). 

Dr. Salem Boumediene
Associate Professor, Accounting
Ph.D., University of Tunis El Manar

Email: sboum2@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-6299
Office: UHB 4025

Areas of specialization:  Auditing, Managerial Accounting, Fraud

Salem Lotfi Boumediene, Associate Professor of Accounting, received his Ph.D. in Accounting from University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia, a Master of Accountancy from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and a B.S. in Accounting from University of Tunis, Tunisia.

Before joining UIS, Dr. Boumediene taught at Montana State University Billings and other colleges, around the world. His teaching interests include auditing, accounting data analytics, and financial accounting while research and professional interests include international accounting, auditing, emerging technologies in accounting and fraud detection.

Dr. Salem Boumediene has over 25 years of experience as a college professor and an independent accounting and information systems consultant. He is President-Elect of the Western Decision Sciences Institute (WDSI), Regional Coordinator for the Western Region of the Gender Issue and Worklife Balance section of the American Accounting Association (AAA) and serves on several AAA’s and DSI’s committees.

He enjoys spending time with his family, nature and traveling.

Dr. Mark Buxton
Associate Professor, Accounting
CPA, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Email: mbuxt2@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7914
Office: UHB 4030

Areas of specialization: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting

Mark Buxton, CPA and assistant professor of accountancy, received his Ph.D. in Accounting from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2008, a Master’s in Business Administration from Ball State University and a B.A. in Accounting from Western Kentucky University. Before joining UIS, Dr. Buxton taught at the Niagara University in New York. His teaching interests include Accounting Principles, Financial and Managerial Accounting while research and professional interests include behavioral/decision-making in business situations. When not teaching, he spends a lot of time with his family.  He is also a big sports fan (loves the Steelers and Penguins) and enjoys snow-skiing and traveling.

byrnes_000Dr. Patricia Byrnes, Chair of AEF
Associate Professor, Economics
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

Email: pbyrn1@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7783
Office: UHB 4051

Area of Specialization: Public Finance

Patricia Byrnes is an Associate Professor and Research Associate in the Center for State Policy and Leadership. She has a B.S. degree in Mathematics from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and M.S. and Ph.D. in Economics from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Dr. Byrnes was on the faculty of the School of Public Policy and Management at Ohio State University from 1990 to 1998. She has conducted research for two federally funded research and development centers in Washington, DC. She has consulted with various state and local organizations on financial and performance management issues. Her research interests include productivity measurement, data envelopment analysis applications, and state and local finance. Her research has been published in Public Productivity and Management Review, Public Budgeting and Finance, Management Science, National Tax Journal, and Urban Affairs Review.

Brenda Gregory
Adjunct Instructor, Accounting

Email: bham001s@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-6541
Office: UHB 4093

Areas of specialization: Tax, Small Business Accounting

Brenda Gregory received her Bachelors and Masters degree from University of Illinois in Springfield. When Mrs. Gregory is not teaching, she is enjoying herself as a full-time stay-at-home mom of two wonderful kids and running her own accounting firm called Gregory Tax & Accounting LLC.

Dr. Ahmad Juma’h
Associate Professor, Accounting
CPA, CMA, Ph.D., The University of Manchester

Email: ajuma4@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-8366
Office: UHB 4029

Area of specialization: Managerial Accounting

Ahmad Juma’h, Associate Professor of Accountancy in the College of Business and Management, holds a Ph.D. in accounting and finance from the University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School. His research interests include outsourcing, offshoring, earning management, bankruptcy, manipulations, financial decisions and stock market reaction, materiality, performance measurements behavioral accounting and finance. When he is not teaching at UIS, he enjoys writing and reading, learning different cultures and traveling.

Dr. Serkan Karadas
Assistant Professor, Finance
Ph.D., West Virginia University

Email: skara6@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-6541
Office: UHB 4053

Areas of specialization: Financial Economics, Insider Trading, Political Finance, Political Economy

Dr. Karadas is an assistant professor in the Department of Accounting, Economics, and Finance. He received his Ph.D. from West Virginia University in 2014. He started his education at Marmara University (Istanbul, Turkey) and graduated from Beloit College (Wisconsin) in 2009. Prior to joining UIS, Dr. Karadas taught economics and finance courses at The University of the South (Sewanee) and West Virginia University. His teaching portfolio includes courses such as Corporate Finance, Investments, Financial Derivatives, Financial Modeling, and Personal Financial Planning.

Dr. Karadas does research at the intersection of politics and finance. He is most interested in doing research on the relationship between politics/political connections and insider trading/informed trading. Some of his research has been accepted by The Financial Review, Review of Financial Economics, and Journal of Economics and Finance and cited by the press such as Reuters and the Economist. He is always looking forward to collaborating with business faculty to explore how politics and political connections affect different outcomes.

Dr. Karadas is also aspiring to become a CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst) charterholder. He already passed Level I and Level II Exams, and he is very passionate about mentoring students who also want to be future charterholders. Outside of teaching and research, Dr. Karadas enjoys spending time with his family and teaching his son Turkish. His lifetime goal is to learn Vietnamese.

Gerald Mahr
Adjunct Instructor, Accounting
CPA, CGFM, MBA, University of Illinois in Springfield

Email: gmahr2@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-6541
Office: UHB 4093

Areas of specialization: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting

Mr. Gerald Mahr graduated from Western Illinois University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Business in Accountancy and graduated from University of Illinois in Springfield in 1991 with a Master of Business Administration. Mr. Mahr is a member of the Illinois CPA Society and the Association of Government Accountants. Outside of teaching at the campus, Mr. Mahr enjoys reading political science books, spending time with his family, traveling, walking in the country with his 3 dogs, and riding his motorcycle. In addition, he is the bookkeeper for the Taylorville VFW Post 4495 Memorial Home and the Treasurer of the Village of Mt. Auburn. He also volunteers with several local nonprofits and supports local veterans groups and organizations.

Dr. Karl McDermott
Ameren Distinguished Professor of Government and Business, Economics
Ph.D., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Email: kmcde3@uis.edu
Phone: (217)206-8468
Office: UHB 4050

Area of Specialization: Public Utility Regulation

Karl A. McDermott, received a B.A. in Economics from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, an M.A. in Economics from the University of Wyoming, and A Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Dr. McDermott has served as a commissioner at the Illinois Commerce Commission from 1992-98, as Vice President of the National Economic Research Associates from 1999-2008, and President and Co-Founder of the Center for Regulatory Studies from 1985-92. His primary field of interest is public utility regulation. Other research interests include antitrust economics, monetary economics, environmental economics and economic history.

Dr. Frank Nation
Associate Professor, Accounting
CPA, CFE, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Email: fnati2@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7293
Office: UHB 4024

Areas of specialization: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting

Dr. Frank Nation, assistant professor of accountancy, holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration/Accountancy from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Before joining UIS, he taught financial, managerial and intermediate accounting at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville since 2002. He also has ten years of experience as a credit union controller. A CPA and CFE, his professional interests include behavioral accounting, including research in auditing and fraud. His personal interests include outdoor activities, including hunting and fishing.

Dan Nugent
Adjunct Instructor, Accounting
CPA, J.D., University of Illinois at Chicago’s John Marshall Law School

Email:  dnugent@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-6541
Office: UHB 4093

Areas of specialization: Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting, Auditing, Business Law

Dan Nugent a B.S. in Agribusiness, Farm, and Financial Management and a Master of Accounting Science from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. In addition, he received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s John Marshall Law School. He is currently employed by the State of Illinois as the Auditor General’s Technical Specialist. In that capacity, he addresses complex technical auditing and governmental accounting issues, draft responses to proposed changes in auditing and accounting standards, update the State’s Audit Guide, and serve on several committees of the National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers, and Treasurers (NASACT). Furthermore, he oversees and conducts several financial audits, Single Audits, and compliance attestation examinations of the State and its instrumentalities.

Dr. Carl Peterson
Instructor, Economics
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago

Email: cpeter8@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7909
Office: UHB 4048

Areas of specialization: Public Utility Regulation, Industrial Organization

Carl Peterson, Ph.D, has been a senior consultant with NERA Economic Consulting (2000-08), a senior advisor for energy policy (1996-2000) and a rates economist (1994-96) at the Illinois Commerce Commission, and a staff economist at the Center for Regulatory Studies at Illinois State University (1993-94). Dr. Peterson is currently a special consultant to NERA. Dr. Peterson has advised governments and private entities in Europe and the US on issues related to the regulation of public utilities since 1998. Dr. Peterson has been a faculty member at the Institute for Public Utilities at Michigan State University and has taught economics at Illinois Central College and Eureka College. His work has appeared in The Electricity Journal, Natural Gas and Electricity and several edited volumes.

Dr. Trung Pham
Assistant Professor, Accounting
Ph.D., Kent State University

Email: tpham59@uis.edu
Phone: TBD
Office: UHB 4033

Areas of specialization: Managerial Accounting, Auditing, Corporate Governance

Trung Pham, assistant professor of accountancy in the College of Business and Management, is expected to receive a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a concentration on accounting from Kent State University (Ohio, U.S.A.) in August, 2020. In addition, he received an M.S. in Accounting from Michigan State University (Michigan, U.S.A.), an M.A. in International Affairs from American University (Washington D.C., U.S.A.), an M.A. in International Relations from International University of Japan (Niigata, Japan), and a B.A. in International Relations from Ankara University (Ankara, Turkey).

His research interests include executive compensation, earnings quality, earnings management, auditing issues, and corporate governance.

When not working academically, he enjoys fishing, gardening, and traveling. Apart from English, he can speak Vietnamese, Turkish, and some Japanese.

David Saner
Instructor, Accounting
CPA, MBA, Kelly School at Indiana University Bloomington

Email: dsane2@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-8143
Office: UHB 4036

Areas of specialization: Financial Accounting, Fraud Examination, Forensic Accounting

Mr. David Saner, visiting lecturer of Accountancy in the College of Business and Management, holds a Master’s in Business Administration degree from the Kelly School at Indiana University-Bloomington. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor’s in Accountancy from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. He is a Certified Public Accountant. His professional interests include forensic accounting and fraud examination. He is currently working on getting his CFE certification. Mr. Saner’s professional experience includes several years with Big Four accounting firms and left Deloitte as an audit manager to join a family business, which he expanded and ran for a number of years, prior to selling it to pursue a full-time academic career. When not busy working or teaching, he spends time with family and enjoys attending sporting events with them, along with attending various sporting events and Alumni functions at his alma maters, U of I, Urbana and IU. (Basketball season is always a dilemma when the Hoosiers play the Fighting Illini…..!). He also has a passion for soccer and has been a supporter of UIS soccer from its days as the Sangamon State Prairie stars.

Dr. Nancy Scannell
Associate Professor, Finance

Ph. D., University of Illinois at Chicago
E-mail: nscan1@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7915
Office: UHB-4055
Area of specialization: Finance

Brian Stenke
Adjunct Instructor, Accounting

Email: bsten2@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-6541
Office: UHB 4093


Area of specialization: Managerial Accounting

Brian Stenke received his Master’s in Accounting from the University of Illinois in Springfield. He is currently the System Director of Finance Information Systems for Memorial Health System, where he has worked for the past 31 years. In addition, Mr. Stenke is a member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Dr. Mohammed Uddin
Assistant Professor, Accounting
CIMA, Ph.D., Aston University

Email: muddi2@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7912
Office: UHB 4027

Areas of specialization: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Accounting Information Systems

Mohammed Uddin, assistant professor of accountancy in the College of Business and Management, holds a Ph.D. in accounting from Aston University. His research interests include accounting, accountability and performance management in nonprofit/non-governmental organizations (NGOs). He also enjoys networking with professionals and playing football.

Distinguished Retired Faculty

Atty. Paul Caselton
Instructor, Accounting
J.D., Stanford Law School

Email:  pcase1@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-8175
Office: UHB 4038

Area of specialization: Tax

Paul Caselton, J.D., visiting professor of accountancy, received a Juris Doctor degree from Stanford Law School in 1985.  He received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Illinois Urbana in 1982, and was awarded a Sells Award for the May 1982 CPA examination. From 2011 until he joined UIS full-time in January of 2016, he taught courses in tax, introductory financial accounting and business law as an adjunct lecturer. He worked for the Illinois Department of Revenue from 1996 through 2015, and was Deputy General Counsel – Income Tax from 1998 on. He worked for the law firm of Hopkins & Sutter in Chicago from 1985 through 1995, specializing in federal income tax and Illinois tax matters. He served in the Navy from 1973 through 1978. His teaching and research interests include tax and state government.

Dr. Carol Jessup
Professor Emeritus, Accounting
CPA, CFE, Ph.D., Saint Louis University

Email: cjess1@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7923

Areas of specialization: Auditing, Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting

Carol Jessup, Ph.D., CPA and CFE, professor of accountancy, was manager of the city of Springfield’s finance department and an original staff member of the state of Illinois’ GAAP project team. She was also an economic analyst with the Illinois Commerce Commission, and an internal auditor for the Illinois Capital Development Board. Her primary teaching areas are financial accounting, auditing, governmental and nonprofit accounting and accounting information systems. Dr. Jessup is a CPA and CFE and received a B.A. and M.A. degrees in Accounting from Sangamon State University and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from St. Louis University. She has taught at Illinois College, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Lincoln Land Community College and Springfield College in Illinois.

Atty. Stephen Scott
Instructor, Accounting
CPA, J.D., Chicago Kent College of Law

Email: rss@scottnscottlaw.com
Phone: (217) 753-8200

Area of specialization: Law

Atty. Scott is a practicing attorney and is a partner with Scott & Scott, P.C. in Springfield, Illinois, concentrating in estate planning, taxation, civil litigation, business formation and dissolution, corporate law, bankruptcy, and other commercial law. He is a director of the American Association of Attorney/Certified Public Accountants and is President Elect of the Illinois Association of Attorney/Certified Public Accountants. He is a member of the Illinois C.P.A. Society. He has lectured and written articles for the National Business Institute and others. Steve holds leadership positions in several professional organizations. He is past President and a current director of the American Academy of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants (AAA-CPA), and Past Chair of the Corporate Law Departments Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association. He is a member of and formerly served as the President and a Director of the Illinois Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants (IAA-CPA) and is a member of the American Inns of Court, Lincoln-Douglas Chapter.  He is also a Regent of the American College of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants. He has served the community through participation in civic, charitable and educational groups.  He was President of Kids-at-Heart, Inc., which built and operated the Ronald McDonald House in Springfield, Illinois.  He is currently a member of the Illinois Bar Foundation which supports attorneys in need and multiple groups providing legal assistance to those unable to pay for legal representation. Steve was formerly the Commodore of Island Bay Yacht Club and President of the Springfield Ski Club. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Sangamo Club. Steve concentrates his law practice in Estate Planning and Administration, Corporate and Commercial Law, Taxation and Tax Court, Real Estate, Commercial Bankruptcy (primarily Chapter 11 cases), and Commercial Litigation. He is rated “AV Preeminent” by Martindale-Hubbell in both legal ability and ethical standards. He has frequently lectured for the American Business Institute and participates in estate planning lectures with the AAA-CPA, and various financial organizations.

Professor Scott instructed Commercial Law, Business Ethics for CPAs, and Fiduciary Taxation within Accounting Departments of UIS and its predecessor, Sangamon State University (SSU), since Spring, 1978, more than 42 years.  He retired from teaching in Spring 2020, but still enjoys ongoing associations with many of the nearly 2,000 students he taught and the many teaching colleagues he has known over the years.