Economics Code of Ethics

The UIS economics program strives to develop leaders dedicated to personal and academic excellence. Each member of the program (students, staff and faculty) is personally responsible for the academic integrity of the UIS economics program. This fundamental commitment requires all members to display high standards of integrity by:

  • Being an effective role model when making decisions involving ethical dilemmas;
  • Promoting trusting relationships with peers and team members;
  • Applying principles of truthfulness, fairness, and respect for others; and
  • Ensuring credit is given where credit is due.

Students are expected to display appropriate courtesy to all involved in class sessions. Courteous behavior specifically entails communicating in a manner that respects, and is sensitive to the cultural, racial, sexual and other individual differences in the class

If there is ever any doubt that this Code of Ethics is being compromised, we are each accountable to take action to uphold the Code to preserve the academic integrity and reputation of all past, present and future members of the program.

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