Undergraduate Overview

Bachelor of Arts
Undergraduate Minor

Master of Arts

Email: ACC@uis.edu
Office Phone: (217) 206-6541
Office Location: UHB 4093

Departmental Goals and Objectives

The goal of the department is to prepare students for challenging careers and positions of leadership in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors. Specific objectives of the department are to:

  1. Create a professionally-oriented learning environment in which disciplinary competencies and professional ethics develop and grow;

  2. Emphasize conceptual knowledge and the development of analytical and problem-solving skills;

  3. Nurture a sense of personal, professional, and social responsibility; and

  4. Serve as an information resource and a networking hub for students, alumni, employers, and professional organizations.

Upon completion of a Bachelor’s degree through the College of Business and Management, students will meet the following goals and objectives:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of key concepts in the major business disciplines, including accounting, economics, management, marketing, finance, information systems and the legal and social environment of business.

  • Systematically analyze a business problem using appropriate methods. Students will be able to: effectively examine alternatives, analyze alternatives, and recommend an appropriate course of action.

  • Demonstrate effective oral communication skills and the use of presentation technologies.

  • Demonstrate effective written communication skills.

  • Understand the use of information technologies in organizations.

  • Understand, interpret, and analyze quantitative problems and quantitatively presented information.