Updates for the Student Union’s Inner Circle of Donors

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Inner Circle of Donors Updates

Come here for additional information, images and more. We’ll also be happy to answer questions: just email Marilyn Kok. We’ll just keep a running list of inside information, most recent first.

A question: Can you tell me more about Alexis McDowell, who is sending out thank you cards?

Alexis works in the Office of Advancement, and she has enjoyed sending out heartfelt thank you notes to all of you, our generous donors. And yes, she did write those notes herself with original content. Alexis is a junior, majoring in Business with a Sports Management concentration. From Nokomis, where she still lives with her family, it’s no surprise she’s a Cardinals fan. She loves to bake, and if you do, too, check her out on Pinterest–or if you just like to drool over delicious looking desserts!