Numbers are up for “a high quality educational experience at UIS”

Students at UIS

Gifts contribute to increased enrollment

It may seem counter-intuitive to say that your generous contributions have led to increased enrollment at UIS, but think of all the ways this is true.

  • You contribute to scholarships, including the UIS Scholarship Fund, where gifts from donors at all levels create scholarships for UIS students. Of course, many UIS donors create named scholarships. All these help to make it possible for students to attend UIS.
  • Your gifts improve programs throughout campus–departments, athletics, Brookens Library, student organizations and so many more. The success of these programs encourage students to apply. Thanks especially to all who contribute to the Student Union. Having a Union at UIS will encourage enrollment in a big way.

Your further gifts to UIS through the UIS Fund are gratefully appreciated.

Now for the news about enrollment

Fall 2016 census numbers showed an increase in the number of students taking classes at the UIS. After the first 10 days of classes, a total of 5,428 students are enrolled, up from 5,402 students in fall 2015. That makes it the second largest student body in UIS history.

Thank you for your part in this growth, donors!

“One of our highest priorities has been growing our enrollment and we are pleased with this fall’s census,” said UIS Chancellor Susan J. Koch. “When students and families make the decision to pursue their educational goals at UIS, they know they will receive a high quality personalized experience at the same time they are earning their University of Illinois diploma.”

Online learning also continues to grow at UIS, with 1,665 (30.7 percent) students enrolled in online degree or certificate programs. That’s an increase of 4.3 percent overall from Fall Semester 2015. This semester, UIS online students reside in 46 states, 74 counties in Illinois, and 9 foreign countries.

“We are excited to see the continued growth of online enrollments at UIS, particularly at the undergraduate level where we saw a nearly ten percent increase this fall,” said Ray Schroeder, UIS associate vice chancellor for online learning. “We continue to serve as a national leader in providing access to high quality learning opportunities for adult learners in Illinois and beyond.”

There are a total of 626 African American students enrolled this semester comprising 11.5 percent of the student body. Students who self-identify as Hispanic comprise 5.7 percent (312) of this year’s student body, Asian students comprise 3.6 percent (193).

Illinois residents make up 67 percent of the student body. International students encompass 20 percent of the students enrolled and 13 percent are non-Illinois residents. Many of the 1,088 international students came to UIS from India and China. Computer Science and Management Information Systems are the most common majors chosen by international students.

(Posted with grateful acknowledgement of Blake Woods, UIS Multimedia Writer/Producer)