How you can help bring home the innocent after years in prison

Teshome Campbell
Attorney Erica Nichols Cook, Teshome Campbell, Lauren Kaseberg

The Illinois Innocence Project–Success!

The Illinois Innocence Project at UIS is a statewide organization focused solely on freeing wrongfully imprisoned people in Illinois and one of the only innocence organizations at which undergraduate students contribute.

Without a doubt, private donations keep the Illinois Innocence Project alive. The dedicated personnel need your support! Please give generously.

Exoneree Teshome Campbell shares his story and appreciation for the Project

What if it happened to you?

I was convicted of a crime I had nothing to do with. I was sentenced to 55 years in prison.

What if no one listened?

From the beginning I said I was innocent. But no one listened.

How would you survive?

You would fight for your freedom, like I did for 18 years behind bars. And you would find hope in the Illinois Innocence Project, like I and so many others have.

Countless innocent men and women are suffering the nightmare of Illinois prisons, paying with their lives for the crimes of others. I know because I was there and heard their stories.

Now it’s my turn to help

So I’m asking you to please give a gift to the Illinois Innocence Project.

Your support has never been so important. The Project’s three exonerations in the past 18 months, including mine, are extraordinary for an innocence project! But you have to understand that this success comes at a cost. More innocent people are sending in applications for help. The Project desperately needs funding to investigate and work on its backlog of 496 cases waiting for further review.

At the same time, federal government grants that have kept Project doors open for years are running out soon.

I counted on the Project during my time of greatest need. Can the Project count on you now? Please show your support of the innocent by giving a gift to the Project today.

Yours in freedom,

Teshome Campbell
(Posted here with grateful acknowledgement of IIP staff member Courtney Reed)