Gloria Dandridge

Gloria Dandridge for UIS Fund letters onlineGloria Dandridge, Success at UIS

Gloria Dandridge first attended college when she was 18, fresh out of high school. A graduate of an inner-city Chicago school, she had done so well academically that her teachers and counselors expected instant success for her at the private school she choose in another state.

For a number of unfortunate reasons, most of them financial, she had to withdraw after one semester. For the next five years, she worked hard to pay off the loans she incurred  during that one short semester, and then finally felt willing to try again, this time at a local community college.

Gloria is certainly not the only first-year college student to find the transition to college. To her great credit, she gave it another try, enrolling first at her local community college and after two years, coming to UIS.

She  is currently finishing up her last year at UIS before graduating with a degree in political science. Here are a few of the extracurricular activities and services that Gloria took part in while at UIS, all of which contribute to her leadership success:

How UIS Helps Students Transition to College

We thought you might to check out some of the programs UIS provides for students as they transition to college:

  • Summer Bridge Program: Launched in July 2012, Summer Bridge served two groups of student communities this year, STARS (Students Transitioning for Academic Retention and Success) and the Necessary Steps Mentoring Program for first-generation students. Bridge begins with a two-week summer program that provides intense training and preparation for college academics, study skills, campus life, and more.
  • The Center for Academic Success: The center brings together several academic support units on the fourth floor of Brookens Library. The Intensive English Program, Internships and Prior Learning, the Office of Advising Services (OASIS), and Testing Services will all be part of the new center.
  • Learning Hub: Part of the Center for Academic Success, the Learning Hub offers free (but extremely valuable) help in writing, math and statistics, accounting/economics, science, and academic/study skills. A peer tutoring program extends this help to virtually any subject taught on campus.

If you are interested in an excellent investment in wonderful students like Gloria, who are ready to face down tremendous odds to improve their futures, remember–all of these programs could use your monetary support!