Scholarship Celebration

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Congratulations to our Prairie Stars who were awarded a scholarship this academic year! We are thrilled to celebrate you, as well as the donors who make our scholarships possible. Together, our students and donors create exceptional educational opportunities.

The annual Scholarship Luncheon is one of our favorite events at UIS. It is a time to celebrate the achievements of our students and the giving spirit of our donors. Our scholarship recipients are on their way to realizing their dreams, all thanks to our generous donors who believe our students are worthy of the scholarships they have gifted to UIS.

The University appreciates those who have already established a scholarship. We look forward to working with those interested in creating a fund to benefit even more UIS students. And we encourage students on the receiving end to consider, when they are financially secure, paying it forward by establishing their own scholarship to benefit the next generation of Prairie Stars. Contact us at or 217-206-6058 to learn how to Invest in UIS.

“I am proud of our phenomenal students who will let nothing stop them
from attaining their degrees, and I thank our donors for
helping them achieve their educational goals.”
–Interim Chancellor Whitney

Congratulations to Our Students!

We are proud of our student scholarship winners. We applaud all of our recipients, and are thankful some of them were willing to let us share, in their own words, how these scholarships help changed their lives.

Scholarship Recipients

For the 2020-2021 academic year, 313 students so far have been awarded scholarships, collectively receiving $544,772 to help them with their studies. Please see below for a list of scholarship recipients as of Nov. 5, 2020, as well as the scholarships each one received.