Reaching Stellar through Scholarships

Scholarship Luncheon

A Brief Look at Why Students Need Scholarships

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How to Contribute to Scholarships

At UIS, you have the opportunity to create your own named scholarship fund. You’ll be joining over 100 generous donors who each year are making a difference in the lives of our students and in their futures. We have several possibilities to offer you, with information on each.

  • Endowed Scholarships
    These are the most powerful scholarship funds because they create scholarships year after year. Interest from your gift funds the scholarships; the principle remains. A minimum of $25,000 creates an endowed scholarship.
  • Current-Use Scholarships
    These are very nimble scholarships because you fund them for only one year at a cost of $1000 (or $84/month). You still get to name the scholarship and decide the kind of student who will receive the scholarship.

For more information on creating your own scholarship, please contact the UIS Office of Advancement at 217.206.6058 or by email at

You can also give to an already existing UIS scholarship by making a gift to any of these scholarship funds.