Funds That Support the Women's Center

Women's Center
Above: UIS students join the global “One Billion Rising” to stop violence against women and girls.

Make a Difference for Students Through Your Support for the Women’s Center

Your gifts to the Women’s Center will achieve so much for women (and men) at UIS, as we work with women to celebrate their artistic, academic, and personal achievements. The Women’s Center helps to promote a campus climate that is supportive, healthy, and respectful of all people through events such as Take Back the Night, presentations by nationally known speakers, and the Women’s History Month. These events help to inspire confidence and empower students, and especially women, who might confront these issues disproportionately, to stand firm and together against anything that threatens their success at school.  Please join us in this important endeavor by making a gift to one of the funds below.

Women’s Center Fund

This fund provides unrestricted support for the Women’s Center, allowing the Center to be flexible with responding to the greatest student needs at the time. This could include providing workshops or trainings for students and staff, bringing speakers to campus that address issues of special interest to women, or putting on events that allow students to feel their voices are heard around issues of gender.

Women’s Friendship Garden Fund

This garden is available on campus as a space for beauty and reflection. Gifts to this fund will be used to maintain the University of Illinois Springfield’s Women’s Friendship Garden.

Women’s Center Student Focus Fund

This fund can provide money specifically for student’s to travel to conferences related to the Women’s Center or women’s issues. This can open the world to students who might not otherwise be financially able to access conference attendance, changing their lives and perspectives for years to come. You can support this and other special initiatives for women at UIS by giving to this fund.


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