Funds that support Teacher Education

Teacher Education
Above: A student planning to become a teacher listens closely to her professor.

Make a difference for Teacher Education Students

Your gift in any amount to the funds below provide support for teacher education students. You can use the “Donate” button to give online. Thank you!

Teacher Education (Minor) Program Fund

This fund provides money for special opportunities or extraordinary needs.

Scholarship Funds/Awards

John and Barb Blackburn Scholarship Fund

The Blackburns give an annually funded scholarship each year. Although their gift each year is unrestricted (with no specific criteria), the scholarship generally goes to either an English or an education major, reflecting John’s Master’s degree in Educational Administration (’79) and Barb’s Master’s Degree in Literature (’81). Your gift to this scholarship will be added to the amount they give each year, increasing the size of the scholarship.

Frankenfeld Scholarship Fund

This fund supports post-baccalaureate students who are pursuing Illinois teacher licensure. The recipients shall be non-traditional students who have financial need and academic merit. Preference shall be given to students who are working full time and attending classes part time.

Loken Family Scholarship

The Loken Family Scholarship was created to help students who not only want to be classroom teachers, but educators of those pupils who may need significantly more patience, guts and innovation with their instruction. Dr. Mary Loken, an Iowa native, came to Springfield in 1965. A job as a substitute teacher led to a supervisory job that took advantage of Dr. Loken’s doctorate in education and master’s degree in special education. Over the years, her advocacy for children with special needs earned her many accolades, including Springfield’s First Citizen Award in 1984. The Loken Family Scholarship is for education majors who intend to work with special needs, at-risk or other special population students. Applicants must have financial need and be enrolled in a minimum of two classes.

Otis D. Morgan Award Fund

Dr. Otis D. Morgan, who died in 1973, was a UIS (then Sangamon State University) charter faculty member. Dr. Morgan’s primary instruction was in the Teacher Preparation Sequence. The Otis D. Morgan Memorial Scholarship, one of the longest-running UIS scholarships available, was established in 1975 by the Black Caucus (of Springfield). Applicants for this scholarship must be minority transfer students majoring in Education. Preference is given to African-American students, particularly those from the East St. Louis area.

Gordon and Ina Robertson Scholarship

The Robertson scholarship supports a student pursuing a degree in education with a grade point average of at least 3.0. This scholarship may be renewable for up to four years for students who continue to meet these criteria. 

Donald Donner Springer Education Fund

The Springer Education Fund was established in memory of Springfield businessman Donald Donner Springer. Three awards will be made in 2020: 1. A student in the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program; 2. A student in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program; and 3. An undergraduate student studying education(this education undergraduate scholarship is need-based). 

Jane and John Stout Educational Scholarship Fund

Established in her parents’ memory by Melissa Stout, the Jane and John Stout Educational Scholarship is for graduates of Chatham’s Glenwood High School majoring in history, teaching or agriculture at UIS. According to Melissa, “My parents were giving, serving people. We felt that enabling and motivating students to pursue the same passions in the same community that Jane and John both called home would be a great way to honor their lives in a way that serves others.” Jane Stout was a member o the first graduating class at Sangamon State (now UIS). She earned an MA in Psychology in 1972 and another Master’s in History in 1988. She taught in the Ball-Chatham School District  for over 25 years. John Stout graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana and farmed his family land near Chatham for over 50 years. Because of this, even though UIS does not currently have an agriculture major, the family included agriculture as a possible major for their scholarship recipient.

Thomas Education Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to elementary education majors at UIS, based on academic merit and financial need. Illinois, and especially central Illinois, is facing a teacher shortage, so Mr. Thomas’s gift is especially welcome both for the student and for the Illinois community where the student will teach.

Dorothy A. Tracy Teacher Education Scholarship

Knowing how important scholarships are and the influence that teachers have on children and indeed on all of society, Dorothy Tracy established a scholarship at UIS for students in the Teacher Education Program.

Other Options

You could also create your own named scholarship fund–either a current-use scholarship or an endowed scholarship–that benefits teacher education program students. As the principle donor, you would get to name the fund and establish the selection criteria.


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