Fund That Supports Student Life

Student Life
Above: Students take part in Springfest, a popular annual event sponsored by Student Life.

Make a Difference for Student Life at UIS

We are building a community at UIS—a group of diverse people who come together to support each other, share common goals, and learn from each other. You can help us do that by giving to the following fund:

Student Life Fund

If you have a particular interest that you want to support, please remember that you can always add a note in the comment box on the online giving form. We will do our best to follow your request.

Homecoming Fund

For gifts and sponsorships in support of UIS Homecoming events.

How Does Student Life Build Community?

  • We offer opportunities for students to get together with people who might have different interests and cultural backgrounds so the can learn from each other and begin to appreciate each other.
  • We also help students who share common interests by supporting student organizations.
  • We sponsor events that broaden students’ cultural experiences.
  • We also opportunities for fun so that students have a reason to laugh together.  You might be surprised how much that helps students get up on Monday and face all the requirements associated with getting a college education.
  • We offer Late Nite programming that is alcohol free with lots of fun, food, and free prizes.

You can get a sample of what we do by checking out our Student Life website.  We have an ongoing calendar there, a photo gallery, a student life blog, and much more that will give you details about what we offer students.


We welcome your inquiries. Please feel free to contact us.