Funds That Support the Student Government Association

Student Government Association
Above: Members of UIS’ Student Government Association at a recent Involvement Expo, where students choose what activities on campus they would like to get involved in.

Make a Difference for the Students in the Student Government Association

Student Government Association Fund

The Student Government Association (SGA) offers students a conduit for input into campus policy and procedures. Members meet to discuss issues and initiatives, such as beginning physical education courses at UIS, including a senator to represent international students, and creating additional parking on the east side of campus.
One of the biggest recent initiatives was exploring whether students would support building a Student Center if it meant increased fees (students passed this resolution). A more recent question has been whether UIS needs a new nickname, to replace the Prairie Stars.
Your gifts will support improvements that the SGA seeks for the campus, such as the recent addition of a fire pit on the east side of campus that is now open to use for all students. If you would like to read more about SGA initiatives and drives, check out the SGA newsletter, accessible from the SGA homepage.