Funds That Support Student Affairs

Student Affairs
Above: The staff of Student Affairs shows their support for breast cancer research.

Make a Difference for Student Affairs Programs

For general support of Student Affairs, you can give to the following fund.

Student Affairs Fund for Excellence

This fund provides special opportunities to students in support of academic excellence, student enrichment, and making a difference. One use in recent years, for example, has been to send students to regional and national conferences. Students apply for these funds. Please help us provide more of these special opportunities.

UIS Dr. Clarice Ford “Whatever It Takes” Fund

This fund is in honor of Dr. Clarice Ford, a leader dedicated to cultivating inclusive communities and ensuring that every student had an opportunity to succeed. She was an essential member of the leadership team at UIS starting in 2008, including serving as vice chancellor for Student Affairs. You may know her by her motto, which was “Whatever it takes.” Whatever aspiration a person was aiming for, she helped them achieve it. Donations to this fund shall be used to support students at UIS who are undergoing financial hardships from emergency situations or unforeseen events.

UIS Cares Food Pantry Fund

For years, staff at the Diversity Center have brought food to the Center, making it available to students. Within hours, the food is gone. Many students see their meal plans run dry, usually around the end of October, and they struggle until the next semester plan kicks in. Other students experience even more severe food insecurity, including some students who are homeless, yet they are so committed to improving their prospects in life that they continue to work toward a degree. Your gifts to this fund will meet an immediate need for students on campus and off. Please give today.

UIS Chapter of the Society for Advancement Management Fund

Donations to this fund will help support event and competition expenses for the student chapter of the Society for Advancement of Management in the College of Business and Management at the University of Illinois Springfield. SAM is one of the fastest-growing student organizations at the university, with members representing students from the Accounting, Business, Computer Science, Finance, Human Resources and MIS departments. It prepares its members for better career development by providing opportunities to learn and grow professionally with networking, leadership abilities, management skills through competitions, conferences, and team-building activities. Students have the opportunity to meet prospective employers, research, and do much more at SAM events on campus and nationwide.

UIS Green Projects Fund

Donations to this fund are a way for faculty, staff and community donors to show their support for student-led sustainability efforts on the UIS campus. The fund will help grow the university’s sustainability initiatives and allow UIS to implement even bigger “green dreams” on campus. Learn more about the Green Fee Committee by visiting

UIS The Stars Supply Stop Fund

The Stars Supply Stop in the Student Union provides school supplies to aid students who may not have anticipated all the tools needed to be successful in the classroom. The Supply Stop aims to reduce the amount of additional costs students face when coming to college and provide easy access for last-minute school supplies. The Stop, located at the Welcome Desk in the Student Union, is stocked with notebooks, pens, notecards, tape, folders and more. Donations to this fund will be used to help keep the store supplied with items students need.

Divisions within Student Affairs

If you would prefer to give to one of the individual units within Student Affairs, please use the links below to learn more about giving opportunities. The DONATE button will take you straight to a safe online giving page for that unit: