Funds That Support Social Work

Social Work
Above: A UIS student studying.

Make a Difference for Social Work Students

Social Work Program Fund

This fund provides money for special opportunities or extraordinary needs.

  • Faculty and students can travel to a conference to present their research.
  • Faculty can take part in a special opportunity to update their skills.  Professors need to be aware of the latest developments in their field, so that they can pass this knowledge on to their students.
  • The department can purchase special equipment, test materials, resources, or training modules to help our students attain success and achieve their goals.

These activities and others like them enrich our students immeasurably, enhancing the education they receive at UIS—but we could not do any of them without the discretionary money given to this fund.

Scholarship Funds

The Burnett Family Scholarship

The Burnett Family Scholarship was created in 2017 by Darrel Burnett. Two members of the Burnett family have graduated from UIS. Darrel earned a bachelor’s degree in communication in 1978 from UIS (then Sangamon State University). After 15 years in broadcasting, primarily in sports, Darrell successfully began a career in business. He is known for his service and philanthropy. He received the UIS Alumni Achievement Award in 2016. Jeffrey Burnett, Darrel’s son, graduated from UIS in 2017 with a degree in Public Affairs Reporting. Like his father, he has a career in broadcasting. He is a news producer and on-air talent for Quincy Media.
The Burnett Family Scholarship is open to academically qualified UIS students enrolled in Social Work or in a major within the College of Business and Management. Either graduate and undergraduate students are eligible.  The Burnett Family would like students who have possess a true commitment towards their education and working toward their degree to receive the scholarship.


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