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Above: An undergraduate class at UIS. Unrestricted scholarships can be awarded to students who need it the most–so valuable!

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Any Student, Graduate or Undergraduate

Any Undergraduate

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Any student – graduate or undergraduate

Kathryn Stanley Micek Scholarship

Kathryn Stanley Micek studied creative arts at UIS (then Sangamon State University) and graduated in 1974. In her honor, her husband, Sidney Micek, has endowed a scholarship at UIS. Mr. Micek was President and CEO of the University of Illinois Foundation from 2000 to 2012, and after his retirement, he continued part-time at the Foundation, working on special fundraising initiatives. The Kathryn Stanley Micek Scholarship is special because it is available to any student at UIS, graduate or undergraduate, without any other criteria.

Undergraduate Students

The Harry J. and Deborah M. Berman Scholarship

Harry and Deborah Berman have been committed to academic endeavors their entire working lives. After many years as a professor and administrator at UIS (then Sangamon State University), Dr. Harry Berman was named Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in 2005, and in 2010, he was named Interim Chancellor. Currently, Dr. Berman is interim executive director of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Deborah Berman served for nearly 30 years in a variety of central administrative positions at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield prior to her retirement in 2011.  In addition to two degrees from Washington University in St. Louis, Deborah Berman completed graduate work in Management Information Systems at UIS. Through the Berman Scholarship, they hope to provide access for worthy students to further their education.

The Sarah Dauphinais Scholarship Fund

A current-use scholarship created by Joe Terril of Terril and Company in St. Louis in honor of his mother-in-law Sarah Dauphinais who finished her undergraduate degree when she was 50, went on to get her Ph.D., and ran her own practice as a clinical psychologist for 15 years–a living example of the success UIS offers to non-traditional students. Of note, Mr. Terril has also given the Edith B. Terril Scholarship (below) in honor of his mother.

The Martha Schiebel Harrison Scholarship

Martha Schiebel Harrison grew up in Germany at a time when few young women attended high school. Starting at age 14, she worked 80 hours a week as a maid instead, but she continued to long for a chance to continue her schooling. To fulfill this dream, she moved to the United States, enrolled in high school at 18, graduated at 20, and went on to earn an English degree from the University of Missouri and a master’s degree in Public Affairs Reporting from UIS (then Sangamon State University). In 2000, she retired from her position as deputy director for the Office of Public Affairs at the Illinois Department of Transportation. She and her husband Art Harrison (now deceased) moved to the Phoenix area of Arizona. Each year, in order to help young people who also dream of a better education, she gives a current-use scholarship to qualified students at UIS with financial need.

The Karen Hasara Scholarship

Karen Hasara currently serves on the University of Illinois Board of Trustees. In 1972, Hasara BA ’72 LAS ’92 PAA was in the first graduating class at UIS (then Sangamon State University). She went on to work as a teacher, then served on the Sangamon County Board—at that time the only woman among 29 county board members. Her life as an elected official continued as Sangamon County Circuit Clerk, then as state representative and state senator.  During those years, she returned to UIS for a master’s degree in Legal Studies. In 1995, she became Springfield’s first woman mayor, serving until 2003. Since then, she has pursued a passionate commitment to citizen diplomacy, through which everyday Americans interact with people from other countries, playing an important role in shaping global opinion of the United States and building international cooperation and good will. Hasara believes UIS has dramatically changed the Springfield community, and while in the legislature, she “proudly voted” for Sangamon State to become the University of Illinois Springfield. Since 2003, she has been giving to UIS to help students achieve their own dreams of public service like her own. Her named scholarship is available to qualified students with financial need campus wide.

The Kellner Family Scholarship

Bill Kellner is CEO of M.J. Kellner Foodservice, a food-distribution company begun by Bill’s grandfather, Maurice J. Kellner, in 1916. As such, the family has invested in Springfield for many years, and Bill and Julie’s support of UIS continues that tradition. Generous with their giving, the couple has also provided generous volunteer support of the university. They were both advisory board members for the Brilliant Futures campaign, and Julie served as chair of the Campaign Steering committee. In 2011, Bill and Julie created the endowed Kellner Family Scholarship. Once fully endowed, it will be available to qualified students with financial need, campus wide.

The Marilyn Schnirring Kennedy Scholarship

Marilyn Schnirring Kennedy was Senior Vice President at Springfield Electric before her retirement. She currently lives in Springfield and has been a generous donor to scholarships at UIS.

The Henry and Margaret Kirschner Scholarship

Banking pioneer Henry Kirschner began his financial career on July 31, 1933 in the middle of the Great Depression. He was fresh out of high school at the time, yet hard work, vision and a love for people eventually brought Mr. Kirschner, founder of Town and Country Bank, into a realm of prominence. He introduced both Saturday banking hours and drive-through windows to Springfield residents for even more convenient banking. Believing that higher education is “one of the most important endeavors of society,” he and his wife Margaret established a scholarship at UIS in 2004. Mr. Kirschner died in 2009, but Mrs. Kirschner’s support of UIS has been ongoing. Thank you!

The Dennis D. and Susan J. Koch Scholarship

Providing access through scholarships for UIS students is a personal matter for Chancellor Susan J. Koch and her husband, Dennis D. Koch. When Chancellor Koch’s father, the son of an electrician and the grandson of an Illinois miner, was given the opportunity to attend a public university here in Illinois, it changed his life and the lives of the Chancellor’s entire family forever.  Mr. Koch’s grandmother, a pioneer farm wife on the plains of South Dakota, provided both Mr. Koch and his brother the financial means to attend college. As a  consequence, the Kochs have established the above named scholarship in honor of their parents and grandparents.

The Saul J. Morse and Anne B. Morgan Scholarship Fund 

Saul J. Morse and Anne B. Morgan have been involved in UIS and the Springfield community for many years. Saul Morse is an attorney with the law firm of Brown, Hay & Stephens LLP and has practiced law in government agencies, private practice, and corporate law departments here for over 30 years. He has taught at UIS in the Legal Studies Department as an adjunct faculty for many years and is also an adjunct faculty member at SIU School of Medicine. Saul has served as a member of the state Human Rights Commission, Comprehensive Health Insurance Board, and as Chair of the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission. At UIS, he is a member of the Chancellor’s Community Advisory Board and chairs the Advisory Board to the Office of Disability Services. He also serves on the board of several community organizations. Anne B. Morgan is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Memorial Medical Center where she founded the Health Psychology Department. She has served as a member of the state Psychology Licensing Board and as a member and past chair of Sojourn Shelter and Service and the Springfield Public Schools Foundation. Anne taught at UIS when it was Sangamon State University as adjunct faculty in the Psychology Department and has been a member of the search committee at UIS participating in selecting the Director of Sangamon Auditorium. Their scholarship is for a student in the College of Public Affairs and Administration.

The Gary E. and Janice M. Spears Scholarship Fund

Dr. Janice Spears served as a school administrator for 16 years and an elementary school teacher. She received UIS’ Loyalty Award for Exceptional Alumni Service in 2010 for service that includes providing volunteer leadership to the CEHS Alumni Council and the UIS Alumni SAGE Society. Her endowed scholarship, the Gary E. and Janice M. Spears Scholarship provides support for any qualified UIS undergraduate with financial need. The scholarship honors Janice’s husband Gary E. Spears who died in 2005.  She says, “The education I received at UIS changed my life for the better, forever. I am delighted to have the opportunity to help students achieve their dreams and encourage other alumni to donate to a scholarship fund too.” She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English (’73 and ’74) and a master’s degree in Educational Administration (’81), all from UIS. Her doctorate is from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

Jon & Stacey Lee Scholarship

This scholarship is for qualified undergraduate students with financial need.

Springfield Area Chapter of the State Universities Annuitants Association Scholarship

Though known primarily for its work with retirees, retirement benefits and employee pensions, the Springfield Area Chapter of the State Universities Annuitants Association has been investing in future generations at UIS since 1998. The Springfield Area Chapter of State Universities Annuitants Association Scholarship is awarded annually to a full-time undergraduate student in good academic standing. Applicant must also be a U.S. citizen.

Edith B. Terril Scholarship

Created by Joe Terril, President and Owner of Terril and Company, created this endowed scholarship in honor of his mother, Edith B. Terril. Joe graduated from UIS (then SSU) in 1975 with a degree in Economics. You can learn more about his business, based in St. Louis, at www.terrilco.com.

UIS Scholarship Fund

When you give to the UIS Scholarship Fund, your gifts will be combined with the gifts of other generous donors to create multiple scholarships, all created by donors committed to education and willing to do what they could to help UIS students. Your gifts really DO make a difference.


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