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Other criteria scholarships
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Make a difference for the following students at UIS

Thank you for your interest in giving to scholarship funds that highlight students across the campus. If you want to add your gift to one of the following scholarship funds, you can give safely online or by mail to our office. Thank you!

Central Illinois Typographical Union Local 177 Scholarship

For CITU Members, Their Spouses, or Dependents:

The Central IL Typographical Union Local 177 (CITU) Scholarship was established March 1, 1995, by the members of the Central Illinois Typographical Union. Eligible applicants will be dues paying members, or the spouse or dependent child of a dues paying member of the CITU. If the primary pool of applicants is exhausted, dues paying members, as well as their spouses and dependent children, of the CWA affiliated unions and AFL-CIO affiliated union will then be considered for this scholarship award.

The Lawrence E. Williams/Dr. Larry Golden Illinois Innocence Project Scholarship Fund

For students exonerated of a crime,who have had a criminal record expunged or who are on parole for a non-violent crime

Donor Joye Williams earned her BA from Legal Studies in 2004 and completed her MA in Legal Studies in 2018. While a student at UIS, she worked with the Illinois Innocence Project and became very committed to its work. She also gained a deep appreciation for Dr. Larry Golden, founding director of the Project. Within months of completing her MA, she began discussions about creating this scholarship in honor of her son. Lawrence had a lot of trouble getting a job after being released from prison and finding scholarships to help with furthering his education has also been hard. Joye wants to encourage others like him to achieve their goals of a better education. If no UIS student meets her initial criteria, the scholarship will be awarded to a student working in the Illinois Innocence Project. You can read more of Joye’s inspiring UIS story here.

Artisan Business Group (ABG) Graduate Scholarship for Illinois Veterans

For Illinois Veterans

The Artisan Business Group is a central Illinois cross-border business and investment consulting firm. Founded and led by Mr. Brian Su, CEO and President, the Artisan Business Group team has facilitated the alternative financing for over one billion dollars in various residential and commercial real estate, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing, schools, and franchises projects in the U.S. and China. Mr. Su is an alumnus of UIS with a master’s degree in Public Administration.
Illinois veterans who are active, reserve or retired members of the Illinois National Guard and who have served in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Persian Gulf or in other hostilities will receive priority consideration for the scholarship. Candidates must be graduate students, currently residing in Illinois, enrolled full time at UIS and in good academic standing. A candidate must submit a personal biography, a statement of career plans and a short essay on why he or she should receive the scholarship, and may also be required to submit a copy of his or her DD214. Financial and emergency needs may be considered.

Military/Veterans Emergency Grant Fund

This fund provides grant money to UIS military/veterans who are in good academic standing at UIS, are illustrating financial hardship and have utilized all other eligible aid programs.

University of Illinois at Springfield Staff Scholarship in Memory of Mike Love

For UIS Staff Members, Their Spouses, or Dependents

Being an employee of the University of Illinois at Springfield not only provides a great place to work but also an opportunity to further one’s education. To that end, the UIS Staff Scholarship has been helping UIS employees with the expense of higher education since 1994. The scholarship was the brainchild of UIS (then Sangamon State University) employee, Michael Love. In a special recognition during the 5th Annual Civil Service Appreciation Day on September 22, 2011, the Staff Scholarship at UIS was renamed in memory of Mike Love. Love was a former UIS employee who was very passionate about the scholarship. Love’s family was presented with a special plaque of recognition. The Staff Scholarship was started in 1995. A total of 23 people have received the scholarship, with a total payout of $27,000.

William and Mary Schnirring Scholarship (Sangamon County)

Generous, involved, and tremendously supportive of UIS—these words only begin to describe what wonderful donors William and Mary Schnirring have been to UIS. Mr. Schnirring is chairman of the board of Springfield Electric Supply Company, a family-owned business in Springfield. Both Mr. and Mrs. Schnirring donate their time, energies, and resources to many local charities and nonprofit organizations. Through their donations to UIS, they have funded many scholarships throughout the university. (They also donated the lights that shine so brilliantly on the flagpoles at the front of the UIS campus.)

Sarah B. Towery Scholarships

For Working Students

Sarah Towery was a determined, independent young woman who liked to stand on her own, even as a child. At 24-years of age, she was a full-time office manager at an engineering firm, part-time student, and just five classes shy of a business degree and international relations minor from UIS. Tragically however, in 1999, Ms. Towery and her boyfriend were killed by a drunk driver in a head-on collision. The driver was also killed. In May of 2000, Sarah’s degree was conferred upon her posthumously. The Sarah B. Towery Scholarship was established in 1999 by her parents to honor her memory. The annual award seeks to assist a student who demonstrates the same drive and vitality that Sarah exhibited in her lifetime. Eligible applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. While no other criteria is required, preference is given to those students who are attending UIS part-time while working full-time.


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