Scholarship Funds for Academic Merit

Academic Merit Scholarships
Above: Academic merit scholarships help provide access to students who elevate the academic achievement of all students..

Make a Difference for Students with High Academic Achievement

Thank you for your interest in giving to scholarship funds that highlight academic merit across the campus. If you want to add your gift to their efforts on behalf of UIS students, you can give safely online or by mail to our office. Thank you!

Board of Regents Scholarship

The Board of Regents (BOR) Scholarship is an endowment fund, established in April, 1996 by the Board of Regents, Regency Universities. The scholarship is supported by donations to and from the Board of Regents in honor of current and past Board members. The endowment is meant to ensure perpetual scholarship opportunities in the name of the Board of Regents at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Recipients are chosen by the Chancellor, and applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and demonstrated community involvement.

Capital Scholars Foundation Scholarship

UIS admits a small number of highly qualified first-year college students into the Capital Scholars Honors Program, a four-year baccalaureate program that combines an integrated core of general education courses with study of a foreign language and any of UIS’ 20 undergraduate majors. The Capital Scholars Scholarship is one of the award-based components of the program. The scholarship currently grants awards at four scholarship levels, all of which are renewable for up to four years. “Capital Scholars” can receive a scholarship award for up to four years. All recipients must be full-time, residential students and maintain high academic merit to retain scholarship renewals for succeeding academic years of eligibility.

J. Douglas and Helen Craddock Memorial Scholarship

J. Douglas Craddock was retired chairman and CEO of Horace Mann Insurance Company who also served as SSU treasurer and president. Mr. Craddock was named chairman of the SSU Foundation Board of Directors in March of 1985, but died on Labor Day of that year. The J. Douglas and Helen Craddock Memorial Scholarship was established as a memorial to his memory, and later to his wife, a graduate of SSU, who passed away 8 years later.

Dunn Family Scholarship

When Sangamon State University alum Randy Dunn attended his daughter’s graduation from UIS in 2002, he deeply wished there had been some symbol of gratitude for UIS’ role in their generational accomplishments here. The result was the “Capital Steps” scholarship drive, a fundraising endeavor aimed at increasing the availability of merit and need-based scholarships at UIS, while providing ample recognition of participating donors who share a passion for UIS. The Dunn Family Scholarship was established by Randy as his way of giving back to the campus.

Helen Dunn Academic Achievement Scholarship

Helen Dunn was a long-time supporter of UIS. She received the University of Illinois Distinguished Service Award in 2009. According to her daughter, Peggy Dunn, Helen Dunn wanted to be a math teacher, but was told she wouldn’t be able to get a job teaching math because she was a woman. She majored in home economics instead. Her love for education never wavered. When Sangamon State University opened in Springfield, Helen Dunn took the opportunity to go back to school and was one of the first students to attend classes at SSU. She earned a master’s degree in psychology.  She later served as a member of the UIS Campus Alumni Advisory Board and on the College of Education and Human Services Alumni Council. She also served as an adjunct faculty member and supervised student teachers. This scholarship recognizes her outstanding support for the university.

W. Robert and Patricia W. Felker Scholarship

A 1974 graduate of Sangamon State University, W. Robert “Bob” Felker has established a distinguished business career, including the 2008 chairmanship of the National Futures Association, as well as chairman of JP Morgan Futures. The W. Robert and Patricia W. Felker Scholarship was initiated in 1998 and is awarded to an incoming freshman with a min. GPA of 3.25 or a National Merit achievement, or other academically based recognition in high school.

Floyd Scholarship for Public Administration

The Floyd Scholarship is based on academic merit and is awarded to an upper-division undergraduate student studying American public administration in the Department of Public Administration.

Ann M. and Raymond Pearson Capital Scholars Scholarship

The Ann M. And Raymond Pearson Capital Scholars Scholarship awards incoming freshmen who have been selected as Capital Scholars a one-time award toward their academic endeavors. The Pearson scholarship is renewable for up to four years of each recipient’s full-time enrollment. Recipients must also maintain high academic merit to retain their renewal eligibility.

Louise Hartman Schewe Scholarship

Louise Hartman Schewe, a philanthropist and former teacher, is a long-time supporter of UIS and its mission to provide “an intellectually rich, collaborative and intimate learning environment for students. . .” In the spirit of the UIS mission, the Louise Hartman Schewe Scholarship is awarded to two undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need and academic merit.

William and Mary Schnirring Scholarship

Generous, involved, and tremendously supportive of UIS—these words only begin to describe what wonderful donors William and Mary Schnirring have been to UIS. Mr. Schnirring is chairman of the board of Springfield Electric Supply Company, a family-owned business in Springfield. Both Mr. and Mrs. Schnirring donate their time, energies, and resources to many local charities and nonprofit organizations. Through their donations to UIS, they have funded many scholarships throughout the university. (They also donated the lights that shine so brilliantly on the flagpoles at the front of the UIS campus.)

Springfield Electric Scholarship

The Capital Steps—Springfield Electric Scholarship is a natural extension of the philanthropic history of Mr. Bill Schnirring, CEO of Springfield Electric. Capital Steps is a fundraising endeavor aimed at increasing the availability of merit and need-based scholarships at UIS.

SSU (Sangamon State University) Alumni Association Full Time Scholarship Fund

SSU (Sangamon State University) Alumni Association Part Time Scholarship Fund

Two of our oldest, most storied scholarships, dating back to the very earliest days of SSU/UIS’ 40-year history, these two scholarships demonstrate the generosity of our earliest graduates. These funds each award a small scholarship to students and would certainly benefit from reaching the amount of our current endowed scholarship funds ($25,000 which provides a $1,000 scholarship each year). Both funds need some generous alumni to contribute gifts before they can reach this status. Until then, recipients receive quite a bit less than $1,000. Did you graduate when UIS was still Sangamon State? This might be the fund for you.

UIS Scholarship Fund

When you give to the UIS Scholarship Fund, your gifts will be combined with the gifts of other generous donors to create multiple scholarships, all created by donors committed to education and willing to do what they could to help UIS students. Your gifts really DO make a difference.


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