Funds that support Public Administration

Students in the Public Administration program after graduating
Above: A few of the students from the Public Administration program, along with members of our faculty and staff, after graduating.

Make a difference for Public Administration Students

Your gift in any amount to the funds below provide support for public administration students. You can use the “Donate” button to give online. Thank you!

General Funds

Public Administration Fund

This fund provides general support for the department.

Child Advocacy Residential Lab (RSL) Fund

The Child Advocacy Studies program (CAST) at UIS has acquired a small house where students who are training to be child welfare professionals can practice encounters related to child protection and investigation. Read more about this unique training facility that allows students to gain confidence and competence for their future professional experiences.

Doctorate of Public Administration (DPA) Program Fund

This fund provides general support for the DPA program.

Non-Profit Management Certification Fund

Scholarship Funds

Corporate Alternatives Inc Scholarship Fund

Peter Brinckerhoff, an internationally renowned trainer, author, and consultant to not-for-profit organizations established the Corporate Alternatives, Inc. Scholarship to benefit current employees of not-for-profit organizations. His books are used as texts at over 60 colleges and universities worldwide. Since founding Corporate Alternatives, Inc. in 1982, Mr. Brinckerhoff has helped thousands of organizations become more mission-capable. The scholarship will match (up to $500.00 per semester) employer education contributions for graduate students in Business or Public Administration programs.

Barbara Ferrara Public Service Scholarship Fund

The Barbara Ferrara Public Service Scholarship Fund supports undergraduate scholarships for students preparing for careers in public service. Preference shall be given to students majoring in Public Administration, but students majoring in political science, public policy, public health, environmental studies, legal studies or related fields may also be considered. Recipients shall have demonstrated academic merit, with a grade point average of a B or better, and have aspirations for a career in public service.

Floyd Scholarship for Public Administration

The Floyd Scholarship is based on academic merit and is awarded to an upper-division undergraduate student studying American public administration in the Department of Public Administration.

Lee Frost-Kumpf Scholarship Fund

An enthusiastic and vibrant presence on the UIS campus, the late Dr. Lee Frost-Kumpf was an associate professor of Political Studies who championed public policy issues in any way he could. He received the Spencer Award for public service in 2003, only months before his death. Dr. Frost-Kumpf’s work included research projects in Springfield, India, New Zealand, Norway and the Ukraine. The Lee Frost-Kumpf Scholarship was established in 2003 to honor his memory. Applicants must be pursuing a master’s degree in political studies or public administration.

Mary and Nelson Howarth Memorial Fund

Nelson Howarth was a respected Springfield attorney and three-term mayor who was instrumental in convincing the Illinois General Assembly to establish the UIS (then Sangamon State University) campus in 1969. He later taught a course in municipal law and administration at SSU. The Mary and Nelson Howarth Memorial Scholarship was originally established by the family and friends in honor of his life and work. In later years, his wife’s name was added by the family, who continue to support the scholarship through generous donations. Applicants for the scholarship must be in good academic standing with a major in Public Administration, Public Affairs Reporting, Environmental Studies, Political Science or History.

Mary Marie Snodgrass Scholarship for Public Administration

Mary Marie Snodgrass is part of a powerhouse family devoted to University of Illinois. She earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in communication from UIS (then Sangamon State University), and her husband, Paul Snodgrass, earned an MBA from SSU. All three of the Snodgrass children earned bachelor’s degrees from U of I in Urbana, and two went on to complete their master’s degrees  from SSU. Additionally, two of the Snodgrass children married graduates of SSU/UIS. The family funded a scholarship in Paul’s honor, and it’s a pleasure now to have a scholarship at UIS that honors Mary Marie. Her scholarship is for students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in Public Administration, have financial need and are in good academic standing.

Donald Donner Springer Education Fund

The Springer Education Fund was established in memory of Springfield businessman Donald Donner Springer. Three awards will be made in 2020: 1. A student in the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program; 2. A student in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program; and 3. An undergraduate student studying education(this education undergraduate scholarship is need-based). 

Dr. Dalitso Sulamoyo Scholarship Fund

Dr. Dalitso Sulamoyo grew up in Malawi, Africa. After earning a BA from Illinois College, two MAs from UIS and a Ph.D. from Benedictine University, Dr. Sulamoyo began working for the Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies (IACAA), part the nation’s largest network of nonprofit and public entities serving Americans in poverty. After two short years, he became president and CEO of IACAA, making him the youngest and first African American person in that position. He served in that capacity in Springfield from 2001-2017. The highlight of this time came in 2013 when he met with President Barack Obama to talk about the work of the Community Action Network. In 2017, Dr. Sulamoyo accepted a position with the Champaign (Illinois) Regional Planning Commission, a Community Action Agency. In recognition of Dr. Sulamoyo’s 18 years of dedicated service and many contributions to the Community Action movement, in 2017 the IACAA Board of Directors established the Dr. Dalitso Sulamoyo Scholarship Fund at UIS. Students majoring in public administration or political science will receive the scholarship, with priority given to students from Haiti, Malawi or other third-world countries in Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America.

Other Options

Not interested in any of the funds listed above? Then you can also create your own scholarship fund that targets the students you specify in the Public Administration Department. As the principle donor of this new scholarship, you would get to name the fund and establish the selection criteria.


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