Funds That Support Management

Above: Management students meet for class.

Make a Difference for Management Students

Your gift in any amount to the funds below provide support for management students. You can use the Donate button to give online. Thank you!

Management Program Fund

This fund provides general support for the department.

J.C. Worthy Award

Given to the student with the best senior paper in the Management Department.

Scholarship Funds

The Management Department has eight targeted scholarship funds.

Management Faculty Scholarship Fund

Regina Midden Farley Scholarship Fund

Established in 1991 by students, friends, faculty and family as a memorial to Regina Midden Farley, this scholarship is awarded annually to a student in the Management Program who has demonstrated academic excellence and superior performance at work.

Donald O’Neal Scholarship Fund

Established on the occasion of Don O’Neal’s retirement, this scholarship honors a much beloved professor at UIS. When you give to this scholarship, you will be both honoring Don and providing support to students.

Paul M. Snodgrass Memorial Scholarship

This is a family affair! WWII veteran and IBM lifetime achievement officer, Paul Snodgrass had an early affinity for UIS (then Sangamon State University) as demonstrated by his monetary contribution for SSU’s initial land acquisition. Yet, no one could have known back then that Paul’s early affection for UIS would emerge as a lasting legacy that still affects the lives of students today. In 1982, Mr. Snodgrass earned his MBA of Business from SSU, where his wife had earlier received her bachelor and master degrees in communication. All three of the Snodgrass children earned bachelor degrees from U of I in Urbana, and two went on to complete their Master degrees from SSU. Additionally, two of the Snodgrass children also married graduates of SSU/UIS. When Mr. Snodgrass died on February 27, 1998 – less than one week after his 71st birthday – it was his IBM family who established the Paul M. Snodgrass Memorial Scholarship at UIS in his honor, acknowledging his tireless dedication to the university. The scholarship has since been funded by the Snodgrass family for permanent endowment to benefit students in UIS’ business administration and management programs.

Kent Weber Scholarship

For students living outside of certain central Illinois counties and studying business or management.

Joe Wilkins Veterans Scholarship

Joseph Wilkins received a $200 scholarship as a high school junior and it changed his life forever. Though the amount was small, it became the impetus of a distinguished career that included military decoration, the rank of captain in the U.S. Air Force, UIS emeritus professorship and an ongoing scholarship for students in the 21st century.
In addition to his aforementioned accomplishments, Dr. Wilkins was also involved in national and international business organizations and lectured at professional conferences all over the world including England, Germany, Sweden and France. The Joe Wilkins Veterans Scholarship was established in 2003 and is awarded to graduate or undergraduate Business or Management majors in good academic standing. Preference given to Management majors of merit and financial need is taken into consideration with applicants of equal merit.


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