Funds That Support Legal Studies

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Above: Students participate in mock trials at the Sangamon County Courthouse.

Make a Difference for Legal Studies Students

Your gift in any amount to the funds below provide support for legal studies students. You can use the Donate button to give online. Thank you!

General Funds

Legal Studies Program Fund

This fund provides general support for the department.

Pre-Law Center Fund

The Pre-Law Center provides counseling and assistance to students who are thinking about applying to law school. When you give to this fund, you’ll be helping to provide resources that staff can use for these purposes, training materials, special speakers, and other events related to entering the legal profession.

Scholarship Funds

The Legal Studies Department has one targeted scholarship fund.

Lee Humphrey Dodd Memorial Scholarship

In 1994, Lee Humphrey Dodd, a Springfield-area attorney, became the first woman to be named first assistant state’s attorney. Ms. Dodd was also a member of the Illinois State Bar Association, the Springfield Junior League, American Business Club, Inn of Court, and the Sangamon County Bar Association. The Lee Humphrey Dodd Memorial Scholarship was established in 1996 by her family in honor of her life and to assist students like her in Public Affairs. To be eligible, students must be a Legal Studies or Criminal Justice major with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Preference given to female applicants.

Lee Ensel Memorial Scholarship in Pre-Law

The Lee Ensel Memorial Scholarship in Pre-Law was established in 1990. The award is granted to a full-time junior or senior who will be attending law school upon graduation from UIS. Mr. Ensel, a Lt. Colonel in WWII and Brigadier General with the Illinois National Guard, was a private practice attorney and president and participant of numerous boards and organizations throughout the Springfield area. This scholarship was established by his wife in commemoration of his life.

Barbara Ferrara Public Service Scholarship Fund

The Barbara Ferrara Public Service Scholarship Fund supports undergraduate scholarships for students preparing for careers in public service. Preference shall be given to students majoring in Public Administration, but students majoring in political science, public policy, public health, environmental studies, legal studies or related fields may also be considered. Recipients shall have demonstrated academic merit, with a grade point average of a B or better, and have aspirations for a career in public service.

Frank and Linda Kopecky Scholarship Fund

An endowed scholarship fund that will be awarded either to an English student or a Legal Studies student. Frank Kopecky was a UIS Professor Emeritus in Legal Studies. Linda Kopecky earned a Master’s degree in English from UIS (then Sangamon State) and taught English for several years at Springfield College. She has also served as Chair of the Lincoln Library Board. Although this is the Kopeckys’ first scholarship for UIS students, they have been good friends to UIS for many years, providing support  for the UIS Fund, Brookens Library, NPR Illinois, the Innocence Project, and most recently the Student Union.

Rendok and Kracaw Access Illinois Scholarship Fund

A current-use scholarship for Political Science and Legal Studies.

Other Options

Not interested in any of the funds listed above? Then you can also create your own scholarship fund that targets the students you specify in the Legal Studies Department. As the principle donor of this new scholarship, you would get to name the fund and establish the selection criteria.


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