Funds that Support the Office of International Programs

Study Abroad
Above: A group of 15 UIS students recently visited the Ancient Roman Colosseum in Italy as part of a 13-day study abroad trip to Rome and Malta. Students learned about the history of both countries and visited sites, such as The Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica.

General Support of Global Experiences

Global Experience Support Fund

This fund provides unrestricted support for global experience programs and initiatives.


You can add your support to any of the following scholarships that help students take part in study-abroad.

Burns Scholarship for International Travel

Dexter Burns is believed to be the youngest alumnus to create a scholarship at UIS. His scholarship provides support for UIS students traveling internationally for the first time. While all first-time international travelers are invited to apply, preference may be given to students traveling to countries ranked lower than “Very High” on the United Nations Human Development Index, Table 1. 

The Droegkamp Family Scholarship for Global Studies Experience

Jan Droegkamp, UIS professor  for 22 years and now retired, says that travel abroad changed her life. She earned a doctorate in International Education and spent considerable time exploring other countries. In fact, she helped to pioneer UIS’ Global Experience program. Her family shared her interest in global travel, and together with Dr. Droegkamp, they created one of UIS’ first global experience scholarships.  There is no min. GPA requirement for this non-renewable award.

Global Experience Financial Need Scholarship

The Global Experience Financial Needs Scholarship is an extension of the Global Experience Fund which was established to assist qualified students with the travel portion of their study-abroad program. However, the GEFNS specifically targets financially disadvantaged students and provides them with an opportunity to experience the life-changing component of putting the instruction received at UIS into practice with other cultures and countries abroad. It’s the face and hands of UIS at work in the world through the willing hearts of students and generosity of enterprising donors. Please remember that many UIS students have to work while attending school. When they go overseas to study, they face a double challenge–paying the expenses of the study abroad experience AND not being able to earn money from their regular jobs. Your gifts to this fund will be greatly appreciated.

Global Studies Experience Scholarship

A life-changing component of any educational experience is the opportunity to study abroad; to put the instruction received at UIS into practice with other cultures and countries. While many students desire the experience, the expenses often exceed their budget. The Global Experience Scholarship was established to assist qualified students with the travel portion of their study-abroad program.

Howard C. and Lynda Y. Humphrey Global Experience Scholarship Fund

During their 53 years of marriage, UIS donors Howard and Lynda Humphrey visited every continent on earth, over 100 countries around the globe, and every state in the United States, often taking their children and grandchildren with them.  Along the way, the family learned adaptability, respect for other cultures, appreciation for the variety and drama that the world offers, and so much more. Now through the Howard C. Humphrey Global Education Fund, created through a bequest to the University of Illinois Springfield, the family hopes to pass that learning on to UIS students. The Humphrey family hopes this fund will give UIS students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and to explore their true potential while traveling the world.

James L. Lundquist Scholarship Fund

James Lundquist joined A.G. Edwards as a financial consultant in 1973 and retired as vice president of investments in 2004. He loved education, and had a long and fruitful association with the University of Illinois Springfield, which he supported in every way he could, including this scholarship. He was a member of the UIS Development Advisory Committee until 1999, and in 2004, he received the William E. Winter Award for Outstanding Advocate Leadership from University of Illinois Foundation. His scholarship supports, first, students who are interested in teaching who study abroad, second, any student who studies abroad, third, students interested in becoming teachers, and fourth, any student with need.

Nancy M. Hahn Fund

As a student at UIS, Nancy Hahn learned about the Chartres Cathedral in a class called Medieval Art and Architecture, taught by Margaret Rossiter. She didn’t really appreciate the cathedral, however, until she visited Europe and walked into the building itself. The endowed Nancy M. Hahn Fund will be used for study-abroad scholarships, with preference given to students who stay abroad for a semester. Nancy earned a degree in Creative Arts from UIS (then Sangamon State University) in 1981 and an MA in History in 1987.