Funds That Support Human Development Counseling

Dr. Ann McCaughanAbove: Professor Ann McCaughan teaches in the Human Development Counseling Department. She has helped expand mental health services in Springfield by creating a partnership with the Family Service Center. HDC students now counsel the Center’s clients under the supervision of experienced professionals.

Make a Difference for Human Development Counseling Students

Your gift in any amount to the funds below provide support for HDC students. Use can use the Donate button to give online. Thank you!

General Funds

The Human Development Counseling Program Fund

This fund provides money for special opportunities or extraordinary needs.

  • Faculty and students can travel to a conference to present their research.
  • Faculty can take part in a special opportunity to update their skills. Professors need to be aware of the latest developments in their field, so that they can pass this knowledge on to their students.
  • The department can purchase special equipment, test materials, resources, or training modules to help our students attain success and achieve their goals.

These activities and others like them enrich our students immeasurably, enhancing the education they receive at UIS—but we could not do any of them without the discretionary money given to this fund.

A. Dan Whitley Memorial Award Fund

Gifts to the A Dan Whitley Memorial Award provide important financial support to graduate students majoring in Human Development Counseling. The awards are given to students with a Grade Point Average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. Preference shall be given to students of integrity planning on working with families and children.

M’Lou Burnett-Dixon Fund

This endowed fund helps to fund thesis projects for Human Development Counseling graduate students. Their expenses might include travel, the cost of surveys, materials and resources, and other needs. As you can imagine, this fund has made an enormous difference in hard-working students’ ability to complete their work. Please give because of the difference this fund makes.

Scholarship Funds

Human Development Counseling Minority Scholarship Fund

The Human Development Counseling Scholarship is awarded to minorities in the College of Education and Human Services majoring in Human Development Counseling. Recipients must possess a valid Illinois teaching certificate (if planning to be a school counselor), possess a commitment to counseling as a profession, be a U.S. resident, enrolled in four hours and in good academic standing. Make a difference in central Illinois; help us educate great counselors.

James J. Pancrazio Scholarship for Human Development Counseling Fund

Founding Faculty Member James J. Pancrazio played an important role for the many UIS students who have taken Human Development Counseling classes: he co-authored the program for the Board of Higher education that established the major at UIS. So it’s hardly surprising that his family, with support from friends and former students, has established an endowed scholarship in his memory for Human Development Counseling students. One innovation he brought to his teaching during his 35 years of service was linking counseling with the study of short stories. He also worked with many agencies, including the Department of Corrections, Veteran Affairs Services, and the Great Lakes Naval Center, and wrote It’s Your Life: Movement Toward Greater Psychological Health, a book that middle schools used for many years.

Other Options

If neither of these interest you, you can also create your own named scholarship fund–either a current use scholarship or an endowed scholarship–that targets human development counseling students.As the principle donor of this new scholarship, you would get to name the fund and establish the selection criteria.


We welcome your inquiries. Please feel free to contact us.