Fund That Supports the Office of Disability Services

Disability Services
Above: A student takes part in a simulation during UIS’ annual Disability Week.

Help Provide Students with Access to a Brighter Future

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) helps students by providing an environment that enriches the educational experience through inclusion, advocacy and support. You can help our students by giving to the Office of Disability Services Fund.
This fund provides for long-term benefits such as:

  • Transportation needs: Your gifts will help students pay for public transportation (many do not have cars).
  • Food items: Many of our students go without meals due to financial needs or the time it requires to go from our office to the cafeteria; your gifts will help us provide healthy and sustaining food items for them.
  • Mentoring supplies
  • Academic Support Materials to help them succeed in their classes
  • Software updates
  • Special adaptive devices


We welcome your inquiries. Please feel free to contact us.