Funds That Support the Cox Children’s Center

Above: Children from the Cox Children’s Center on the UIS campus enjoy a visit to the Koi pond.

Make a Difference for Children at the Cox Children’s Center

  • Cox Children’s Center Fund

The Cox Children’s Center

The Cox Children’s Center has been around since 1970, back when the University (then Sangamon State University) first began, providing child care for children of students, employees and the surrounding community.

In the Center, children from six weeks to 12 years old receive excellent care in a safe, nurturing environment.

You can see children on walks around campus and on hot days, they play in the colonnade fountain. It means a lot to parents to know their children are receiving such excellent care.

You can contribute to that good care by using the link above to give online. How can you resist?


We welcome your inquiries. Please contact us by emailing or callingĀ 217-206-6610.