Funds that support the College of Business and Management

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Make a difference for students in the College of Business and Management

General Funds

The College of Business and Management has several general funds that benefit the College. You can give as much or as little as you would like to this, and you can give online or by mail.

College of Business and Management Fund

This fund provides money for special opportunities or extraordinary needs.

  • Faculty and students can travel to a conference to present their research.
  • Faculty can take part in a special opportunity to update their skills. Professors need to be aware of the latest developments in their field, so that they can pass this knowledge on to their students.
  • The department can purchase special equipment, test materials, resources, or training modules to help our students attain success and achieve their goals.

These activities and others like them enrich our students immeasurably, enhancing the education they receive at UIS—but we could not do any of them without the discretionary money given to this fund.

Center for Entrepreneurship Program Fund

This UIS Center seeks to expand the outreach activities with the regional business community and enhance student-business engagement, encourage entrepreneurial actions among the student community as well as develop and support entrepreneurial pursuits in the central Illinois region, further the understanding, growth and development of family-owned businesses in central Illinois, and familiarize students with the distinct opportunities and challenges presented in family businesses. Gifts to this fund support these efforts.

Frederick L. and Eugenia M. Parsons International Business Education Fund

This fund provides support for international business education.

Student Chapter of the Society for Advancement Management Fund

This fund will provide funding to the Student Chapter of the Society for Advancement of Management in the College of Business and Management at UIS.  It can be used for a variety of expenses, such as campus activities like speaker events and off-campus activities such as conferences.

Scholarship Funds

The College of Business and Management has several scholarship funds that can be awarded to students from throughout the College.

The Burnett Family Scholarship

The Burnett Family Scholarship was created in 2017 by Darrel Burnett. Two members of the Burnett family have graduated from UIS. Darrel earned a bachelor’s degree in communication in 1978 from UIS (then Sangamon State University). After 15 years in broadcasting, primarily in sports, Darrell successfully began a career in business. He is known for his service and philanthropy. He received the UIS Alumni Achievement Award in 2016. Jeffrey Burnett, Darrel’s son, graduated from UIS in 2017 with a degree in Public Affairs Reporting. Like his father, he has a career in broadcasting. He is a news producer and on-air talent for Quincy Media.
The Burnett Family Scholarship is open to academically qualified UIS students enrolled in Social Work or in a major within the College of Business and Management. Either graduate and undergraduate students are eligible.  The Burnett Family would like students who have possess a true commitment towards their education and working toward their degree to receive the scholarship.

College of Business and Management Scholarship Fund

Supports scholarships for UIS students in the College of Business & Management Program. This is an excellent fund to choose to add your contribution of any size to support business students.

Michael F. and Pamela M. Luenz Scholarship Fund

Michael and Pamela Luenz generously support many educational causes, and UIS is particularly pleased that they have chosen to create a scholarship for the College of Business and Management. Michael Luenz earned a BA in Management from UIS (then SSU) in 1980. Because theirs is a matched scholarship, their gift will have twice the impact for a full ten years.

Northwestern Mutual, D. Patrick Scheina Scholarship

Patrick Scheina, CLU, is the managing director of the Springfield branch of Northwestern Mutual. He joined Northwestern Mutual in 2003 and has earned numerous industry awards. He has a five-year pledge for a current-use scholarship which will benefit students in the College of Business and Management.

Realtors Real Estate Foundation Scholarship Fund

An endowed scholarship for students in the College of Business and Management.

Allan and Penny Roth Scholarship in Cybersecurity

Retired faculty member Dr. Allan Roth and his wife Penny established the Roth Scholarship to assist an upper-division student majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Information Systems Security and demonstrating academic merit. Preference is given to US citizens and permanent residents.

Maureen A Schaaf Scholarship

Bob and Maureen Schaaf have long been friends of UIS. Maureen is a UIS grad: she earned an Accountancy BA in 1983. Bob was one of the original group that donated land for Sangamon State University (now UIS) which opened in 1970 .  Together they have created the Maureen A. Schaaf Scholarship for an undergraduate student with need in the College of Business and Management, with preference given to a graduate of Springfield’s Sacred Heart Griffin High School.

The William and Mary Schnirring Scholarship Fund

Generous, involved, and tremendously supportive of UIS–these words only begin to describe what wonderful donors William and Mary Schnirring have been to UIS. Mr. Schnirring is chairman of the board of Springfield Electric Supply Company, a family-owned business in Springfield. Both Mr. and Mrs. Schnirring donate their time, energies, and resources to many local charities and nonprofit organizations. Through their donations, they have funded four scholarships, two for students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, one in the College of Education and Human Services, and one in the College of Business and Management. (They also donated the lights that shine so brilliantly on the flagpoles at the front of the UIS campus.)

Donald Donner Springer Education Fund

The Springer Education Fund was established in memory of Springfield businessman Donald Donner Springer. Three awards will be made in 2020: 1. A student in the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program; 2. A student in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program; and 3. An undergraduate student studying education(this education undergraduate scholarship is need-based).

Gilbert N. and Frances G. Stein Scholarship

Gilbert N. Stein, a long-time resident of Springfield helped elevate Dairy Queen to worldwide status in the 1960s. Mr. Stein became known in the business world because of his innovative franchising, marketing and mentoring skills. The University of Illinois at Springfield recognized Mr. Stein with an honorary doctorate in humane letters in 2005 for his lifetime achievements and perseverance in overcoming difficult times, a changing society and market culture, and incorporating the skills and technology needed to build Dairy Queen into an international enterprise. The Gilbert N. and Frances G. Stein Scholarship was established in 2006 by Mr. Stein. Qualified applicants will be majors of the College of Business and Management with academic merit.

Evelyn Brandt Thomas Scholarship

Evelyn Brandt Thomas, an avid 4-H and Rural Youth Organization member during her childhood, grew up on a 240-acre farm near Pleasant Plains, IL. Her parents raised cattle and grain on the farm and she and her siblings learned the family business through their daily chores. Mrs. Thomas graduated from Springfield High School and later received a business degree from Illinois Business College in Springfield. Her husband, the late Gordon Thomas, was a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Agriculture. During their 53 years of marriage, the couple remained lifelong supporters of 4-H and FFA programs. In 2004, Mrs. Thomas received the Illinois 4-H Alumni Award at the University of Illinois in Champaign. The Evelyn Brandt Thomas Scholarship was established in 2004 and seeks to assist full-time junior or senior students enrolled in the College of Business and Management. Preference is given to female applicants.

Kent Weber Scholarship

For students living outside of certain Illinois counties and studying business or management.

Other Options

If none of these funds interests you, you can create your own named scholarship–either a current use scholarship or an endowed scholarship–that targets students in the College of Business and Management. Use the links to learn more about these scholarship opportunities.
As the principle donor, you would get to name the fund and establish the selection criteria.


We welcome your inquiries. Please feel free to contact us.