Funds That Support Astronomy/Physics

John Martin
Above: UIS professor Dr. John Martin helps children observe Transit of Venus at Southwind Park in Springfield–a special daytime “Star Party.”

Funds that Support Astronomy/Physics

Your gift in any amount to the funds below provide support for astronomy and physics students, as well as for the many community members who enjoy and learn from UIS’ popular Star Parties. You can use the Donate button to give online. Thank you!

Astronomy Program Fund

This fund provides money for special opportunities or extraordinary needs.

  • Faculty and students can travel to a conference to present their research.
  • Faculty can take part in a special opportunity to update their skills. Professors need to be aware of the latest developments in their field, so that they can pass this knowledge on to their students.
  • The department can purchase special equipment, test materials, resources, or training modules to help our students attain success and achieve their goals.

These activities and others like them enrich our students immeasurably, enhancing the education they receive at UIS—but we could not do any of them without the discretionary money given to this fund.

K -Fund for Scientific Equipment (CLAS)

The net income from the K-Fund is used to purchase “big ticket” laboratory equipment in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UIS. The equipment purchases shall be restricted to laboratory equipment for the physical or biological sciences programs that would be used, though not exclusively, in the undergraduate laboratory courses. The expenditures are not necessarily made each year, but rather the net income is allowed to reinvest in the principal of the Fund until the principal reaches at least $30,000 in 2003 dollars adjusted for inflation.

Schweighauser Astronomy Fund

Named in honor of Charles Schweighauser, UIS revered professor emeritus, this fund supports research, teaching and training of students in astronomy at UIS

Scholarship Funds

Currently, there are no scholarships specific to the Astronomy/Physics department or for students majoring in this department.
You could be the first to create a scholarship that targets the students involved in the Astronomy/Physics program. As the principle donor of this new scholarship, you would get to name the fund and establish the selection criteria.


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