Funds that support the Center for Academic Success & Advising

staff from Center for Academic Success

Make a difference in students’ Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success & Advising (CASA) offers UIS students a “one-stop academic support shop.” The Center brings together several programs so that students can know more about available academic services and how to take advantage of those services. As a donor, you’ll also appreciate that the Center also ensures cost-effective delivery of services. The Center serves as home to the following offices and programs.

Center for Academic Success and Advising

Donations to this fund will support student programming and events offered through the Cetner for Academic Success and Advising in the Department of Academic Affairs at UIS. Activities will include, but not be limited to, the Learning Hub, Advising, Living Learning Communities and Peer Mentor and Tutoring events.

Office of Advising Services, or “OASIS”

In this office, professional, faculty, and peer advisors work with students throughout their time at UIS, helping them map their academic pathway based on specific needs and interests.

Office of International Programs

International Programs encompasses three distinct areas: Study Abroad; support for international faculty and staff including visa and permanent resident applications; and working with faculty, departments and colleges on international initiative.

The Office of Internships and Prior Learning Services

The Office of Internships and Prior Learning has three programs: Internships, Prior Learning Assessment, and Service-Learning, demonstrate the commitment of UIS to the principle that learning is active and can be acquired in a variety of settings. It has one fund that provides support for these endeavors.

Office of Student Learning Services, or “The Learning Hub”

At the Learning Hub, UIS, students can find:

  • Caring and committed staff and peer tutors to help students through their academic challenges in virtually any subject taught at UIS
  • One-on-one attention from staff members and peer tutors
  • Help with studying, test-taking, time management, and much, much more
  • Extra materials and hand-outs

The Learning Hub doesn’t hand out success; it helps students achieve it. That’s an important distinction because we want students to leave UIS as leaders, confident in their abilities to contribute to society. This one-on-one intensive assistance comes at a price. It requires excellent staff, excellent materials, excellent training for peer mentors and tutors, and much more. Your gifts to the Hub help to make an immediate difference for students who most need help and yet have tremendous promise as UIS graduates. Please give generously.

Office of Testing Services

This Office provides placement testing, exam proctoring, and certification exams.

Students Transitioning for Academic Retention and Success (STARS Bridge Program) Fund

Students Transitioning for Academic Retention and Success (STARS Bridge Program) is a living learning community for freshmen students here at UIS. The STARS Bridge Program offers a variety of enhanced academic support services to help ensure succeed. Students are invited into the STARS Bridge Program to receive individualized attention through regular appointments with academic advisors, peer mentors and first experience instructors. Your gifts will be used to meet unexpected needs for students such as book vouchers, semester programming events, and the summer program. Your gift is greatly appreciated.