James J. Pancrazio Scholarship Fund

Pancrazio“Teacher–just ‘Teacher.'”

If you knew Jim Pancrazio, who died on February 29, 2012, you know how much he loved teaching.

In fact, at the end of one of his classes, when he had asked students to decide what they would want on their epitaph, Jim announced his choice for his own tombstone: “Teacher,” he said. “That’s it—just ‘Teacher.’”

Former student Peggy Mayfield shared this memory of Jim’s epitaph exercise with me.  She added that when Jim won the Distinguished University Service Award, she remembers him crying—“The award was for teaching,” she said. “That’s what mattered most to him.”

A Scholarship in Jim’s Honor

Because Jim cared so much about the HDC program at UIS and about the students he taught, his family has decided to create a scholarship in his honor.

They are asking for your help. At UIS, $25,000 endows a scholarship. With an endowed scholarship, students receive support from the interest the fund generates rather than from the principal. This means that, once endowed, Dr. Pancrazio’s scholarship will continue year after year. His name will never be forgotten at UIS.

Jim Pancrazio deserves this honor—for all he did for his students, for his passion and humor and genuine interest and love.