John Takeuchi

takeuchi combinedAbove: John Takeuchi was on the original team of architects that planned the SSU (now UIS) campus. His support for UIS continues, most recently with a scholarship for international students.

John Takeuchi, Architect

John Takeuchi, one of the University’s first group of architects, has remained interested and generous to UIS since those early days. Most recently, he has given a scholarship for international students, stating that he is happy to learn that so many international students choose to come to UIS.

John Takeuchi had been working at Berkeley for 22 years when he was first invited to contribute to the initial planning of infrastructure and buildings at Sangamon State (now UIS). He served as one of the many consultants who were involved in the planning and construction of the physical development of the University. “I was only one of many,” he says, “who helped plant the seeds of the University on the fertile soil of Lincoln land.”

Mr. Takeuchi’s Oral History Interview, 2009

You can read much more about his early experiences here in an interview for the UIS Alumni Sage Society conducted by former UIS administrator and UIS alum Cheryl Peck on the occasion of UIS’ 40th anniversary.

One more note, considering that Joan Buckles is now retiring from UIS, in the interview Mr. Takeuchi mentioned how beautiful the campus is now and said of Joan, “Obviously, she loves working here.”

Mr. Takeuchi went from UIS (then Sangamon State) to work in architectural planning at the University of Louisville and Virginia Commonwealth University, but clearly—considering his continue generosity to UIS—he took warm feelings with him toward UIS.

Thank you!

Thank you, Mr. Takeuchi, both for the work you did in our university’s early days and for your continued support.