Joe Terril

Joe Terril croppedJoe Terril endows two scholarship funds

Joe Terril of Terril & Company in St. Louis, Missouri, who earned a BA in economics from UIS (then Sangamon State University) in 1975, has pledged to endow two scholarships:

  • The Edith B. Terril Memorial Scholarship, which honors Mr. Terril’s mother. According to the family, “Edith will be remembered for her wonderful hospitality, opening her house to many family members and friends and welcoming all.”
  • The Sarah Dauphinais Scholarship, which honors Mr. Terril’s mother-in-law. Sarah Dauphinais finished her undergraduate degree at UIS (then Sangamon State University) when she was 50. She went on to get her Ph.D., and ran her own practice as a clinical psychologist for 15 years–a living example of the success UIS offers to non-traditional students.

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Both scholarships are available to undergraduate students campus wide who have financial need.

Mr. Terril will also continue to fund current-use scholarships until the scholarships are fully endowed so that students can benefit from his generosity. These current-use scholarships are also matched, doubling the impact each year.

Mr. Terril is an independent wealth manager. His company has approximately $740 million in wealth management and continues to grow year by year. If you would like to hear some of his recent thoughts on how recent events might impact investments, you could check out Mr. Terril’s periodic videos. Here is a recent video.

Thank you so much, Mr. Terril. We appreciate your generosity to UIS students and continue to have you as one of our alumni.