Wayne and Margie Fox

Fox Award
Above: Margie Fox, Jill Gossett, and John Howard at the 2014 Fox Award Reception on Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

Wayne and Margie Fox

Each year, two business students receive the Wayne and Margie Fox Award for Excellence. The award honors business students who demonstrate excellence in an unpaid internship.

At the award ceremony on Wednesday, April 16, Margie Fox explained that she and her husband, Wayne, chose to create the award because volunteer service has been so satisfying in their own lives. She said, “We hope that the recipients of this year’s award, who chose to give of their talents, time, and acquired skills to serve the good of the community without expectation of monetary compensation, will be encouraged to translate this recent experience into a lifelong practice.”

This year, Jill Gossett (’13 CBM BBA) and John Howard (’12 CBM BBA) received the award.

Jill Gossett (’13 CBM BBA)

Jill plans a future in the retail industry. She completed an internship at District 23 Mercantile & Foundry in Springfield, Illinois, a nonprofit store that raises money for cochlear implants. Jill helped pack shipments, price items, served as a clerk when the store was open, and much more.

“I did everything,” Jill said, who appreciated learning how a business runs from the inside. “It takes a lot more work to keep everything organized than I thought and especially since District 23 is a nonprofit.”

John Howard (’12 CBM BBA)

John Howard worked at the Springfield Community Federation, which offers a variety of programs, all designed to improve the lives and life outcomes of disadvantaged adults and children in central Illinois. As part of his internship, John completed surveys with clients to record what they needed, whether they had symptoms of diseases like lupus, and other data organization and clerical work.

Particularly beneficial, according to John, was working with Interim Executive Director Julius Simmons, Jr. (’07 CBM BA). “He showed me how to apply for grants,” said John, who hopes to work in a nonprofit job in Peoria, where he lives. “Julius also took me to seminars with him. I learned quite a bit from him about nonprofit work.”

Thank you, Wayne and Margie Fox, for your generous and thoughtful gift to UIS.