Announcing the Office of Advancement

Name change

UIS Alumni Relations joins Office of Development; Effective July 1, 2015, Office of Development to become Office of Advancement

The UIS Office of Development welcomes Chuck Schrage, Associate Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations at UIS, and Holly (Fowler) Primm, Alumni Relations Officer, to the Office of Development. You can be sure, UIS alumni, that you’ll receive the same energetic commitment from Chuck and Holly as you have in the past. You can also reach them at the same email addresses and phone numbers. By the end of June, 2015, however, you will find them in their new offices on the fifth floor of the Public Affairs Center.

With a new mission that now provides services to both alumni and donors, the Office of Development took on a new name on July 1, 2015: the UIS Office of Advancement. The change has brought lots of changes (like a new door sign and new business cards), but our individual contact information (phone numbers and emails) will remain the same, as will our office phone number (217.206.6058).