Featured Stories

Bekha Scott | So Much More Than NF2

In 2016, at age 26, UIS alum Bekha Scott passed away from complications of neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2). the condition created numerous tumors in Bekha’s brain and spinal cord. She left behind her mother, Jennifer Williams, her father and stepmother David and April Scott, three sisters, and grandparents Larry and Judy Wilson and many other family members and friends.
Those are the facts of Bekha’s illness, but her life was so much more than what happened to her body. Meet this remarkable UIS alum and learn more about her commitment to service at UIS.

Dr. Burks Oakley II | “The more I give, the more I get”

This was a favorite saying of Grace Brorström Oakley. Dr. Burks Oakley II, her son and renowned online education, created an endowed scholarship in her honor. Speaking at the 2015 UIS Scholarship Luncheon, Dr. Burks Oakley explained why a scholarship was such a good way to honor her. Read his remarks here.

Richard Raymond Funds First Lincoln Scholarship

Richard Raymond, UIS alum, began his National Park Service career as a curator during the restoration of the Lincoln Home the late 1970s. Now he has created the first scholarship for the new UIS Center for Lincoln Studies, the Richard D. Raymond Scholarship Endowment Fund. Read more about Richard Raymond.

Professor Leo Bin to Be Honored at Ceremony of Investiture

At UIS, when a professor is chosen to be an endowed chair or distinguished professor, a special ceremony called an investiture takes place. The ceremony is among the oldest in the world of higher education. Modeled after knighthood ceremonies, investiture ceremonies began in early English universities. The honored faculty member at UIS is presented with a medallion as a symbol of his or her high position. The faculty member is then entitled to wear the medallion at special events like commencement. Learn more about investitures and each of the University’s endowed chair and distinguished professors. Special invitation to Dr. Leo Bin’s Ceremony of Investiture.