Faculty and Staff Campaign Overview

Faculty and STaff CampaignAbove: Chrisa Potthast-Leezer and Sophia Gehlhausen Anderson at the 2016 Faculty and Staff Campaign Kickoff

Information on the 2016 Campaign

The 2016 Faculty and Staff Campaign at UIS got off to a rousing start on Thursday, March 3, with STAR-studded performances by some extremely talented faculty, staff and students. Thanks to everyone who participated, including those who performed, those who shared information about the tables and those who attended. Everyone helped to make it a festive occasion.

As the Campaign continues, continued thanks to the 14 members of the 2016 Campaign Council for their leadership role in the FASC Campaign. For additional information, please call 206-6058 or email Lisa Whelpley.

Special thanks as well to the 2015-2016 Faculty and Staff Campaign Ambassadors, volunteers throughout campus who can answer you questions and offer information and inspiration.

This 2016 Campaign Brief will provide more information about the 2016 Campaign, as will these FAQs (Word).

Why Give?

Faculty and staff members at UIS often find that their passions and interests intersect with the mission and programs at UIS. In addition to the time and talent you share each day through your work, giving back offers an opportunity to come together to work to change our community for the better.

3 simple reasons to give to UIS

  1. It’s your campaign.
    The Faculty and Staff Campaign exists for you. This is an opportunity for you to give back to UIS to help make it an even better place. We are extremely fortunate to work for an institution like UIS, and like other nonprofits, UIS depends on grants and donations from individuals like you. Your gift, no matter the size, helps UIS maintain a standard of excellence of which we can all be proud.
  2. It’s easy and convenient.
    UIS makes it easy to give with confidence. You can give by payroll deduction, check or credit card. There are even options for you to give back to UIS through gifts of stock or planned gifts.
  3. The commitment of UIS to fiscal responsibility.
    UIS is a good steward of its financial resources. You choose to give to the areas of the University that are most important to you, and UIS will ensure that your dollars are directed to that particular area to provide much-needed support.

Where faculty and staff chose to give last year