Student Union Benefits

Students give a thumbs up to student referendum increasing student fees for Student Union.Above: UIS students give a big “thumbs up” in support of the referendum that will increase student fees in support of a new Student Union.

Benefits of the New Student Union

Why, almost without exception, do other universities have a Student Union?

It’s because a Student Union contributes to student success in so many crucial ways. At the UIS Student Union, students and the wider community will have a place to:

Develop Leadership

“Leadership lived” is the promise the University of Illinois Springfield offers to students.  Acquiring knowledge of leadership begins in the classroom, but acquiring the skills of leadership also occurs in social spaces outside the classroom, as students put their knowledge into practice. The Student Union will provide a place for practicing these skills, especially at the Student Leadership Center located within the Union.

Gain A Sense of Belonging

To increase student success, we must improve retention. The Student Union will help. Located at the center of campus and with so many vital functions within its walls, the Student Union will be a natural gathering place for students. Here they can gain a greater sense of belonging and community. This sense of attachment to the campus will occur not just for residential students, but for commuters and part-time students as well.

Develop A Wide Perspective

Universities are more than a collection of buildings.  They also serve as incubators of intellectual understanding, interpersonal growth, and citizenship. Because it will provide such an excellent environment for discussion and engagement, the Student Union will serve as the catalyst for this important growth, so vital to a successful higher education experience.

Find Provisions on Campus

The UIS Student Union will offer convenient shopping,  a coffee shop,  appealing food options, and spaces where students can play games and watch sports, movies, and attend live entertainment and other events together.

Gather before and after campus events

The Student Union will be an attractive and welcoming destination, an ideal stop for friends and colleagues before and after performances at Sangamon Auditorium, exhibits at the Art Gallery, athletics events, or community lectures.

Attend Large Events

The new Student Union will have a large ballroom/multipurpose room that is ideal for campus and community events, capable of being subdivided for smaller events as needed. The Student Union will also include meeting rooms, conference rooms, and pre-event areas. With such beautiful spaces, the building will be used not only by the campus, but also by the community for weddings, banquets, and other events.

Share Learning and Work Together

Venues in the Student Union will accommodate many social, service and learning events specifically for students:  exhibits, career fairs, technology exhibitions, service opportunities, and recruiting events. Many are academic events, such as the annual science and arts symposium at which students, undergraduate and graduate, share research, artwork, theater performances, and more.

See the Campus at its Best

Most of all, the Student Union will show life on campus at its best, and become so important that when students, campus personnel, and community members think of UIS, the image that comes to mind will be of the Student Union.