Scholarships for International Students

International students

Make a Difference for International Students

Thank you for your interest in giving to scholarship funds for international students. When you give to an international student, you are enhancing the cultural life on campus and broadening the global horizon of our students.

Scholarships that Benefit International Students

Artisan Business Group (ABG) International Leadership Scholarship

The Artisan Business Group is a central Illinois cross-border business and investment consulting firm. Founded and led by Mr. Brian Su, CEO and President, the Artisan Business Group team has facilitated the alternative financing for over one billion dollars in various residential and commercial real estate, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing, schools, and franchises projects in the U.S. and China. Mr. Su is an alumnus of UIS with a master’s degree in Public Administration.

Students from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan who are taking a leadership role or are actively involved with a student organization will receive priority consideration for the scholarship. Students must have an F-1 Visa, be attending full time and have a GPA of 3.5+. Either graduate or undergraduate students may apply, but each candidate must submit a personal biography, a statement of career plans and a short essay on why he or she should receive the scholarship. Financial and emergency needs may be considered.

Robert Crowley Scholarship Fund

A grateful alumnus of UIS started this scholarship for the following reasons:

  • So that international students will get the same opportunities he did while attending UIS;
  • To help the University in its efforts to bring diversity to the campus and the city of Springfield;
  • To help people learn about different cultures.

The scholarship honors Robert Crowley, professor emeritus of human development counseling, a founding faculty member of Sangamon State University. The donor and Dr. Crowley met when Dr. Crowley was an exchange professor to Shanghai Teachers University, and he credits Dr. Crowley with giving him the idea of coming to the States for further study at UIS.

Julie and William Kellner Working Student Scholarship Fund

This fund will support scholarships at UIS for recipients who demonstrate they are employed and have financial need, or are international students. Recipients must be in good academic standing, with preference given to students employed by UIS. 

Dr. Dalitso Sulamoyo Scholarship Fund

Dr. Dalitso Sulamoyo grew up in Malawi, Africa. After earning a BA from Illinois College, two MAs from UIS and a Ph.D. from Benedictine University, Dr. Sulamoyo began working for the Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies (IACAA), part the nation’s largest network of nonprofit and public entities serving Americans in poverty. After two short years, he became president and CEO of IACAA, making him the youngest and first African American person in that position. He served in that capacity in Springfield from 2001-2017. The highlight of this time came in 2013 when he met with President Barack Obama to talk about the work of the Community Action Network. In 2017, Dr. Sulamoyo accepted a position with the Champaign (Illinois) Regional Planning Commission, a Community Action Agency. In recognition of Dr. Sulamoyo’s 18 years of dedicated service and many contributions to the Community Action movement, in 2017 the IACAA Board of Directors established the Dr. Dalitso Sulamoyo Scholarship Fund at UIS. Students majoring in public administration or political science will receive the scholarship, with priority given to students from Haiti, Malawi or other third-world countries in Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America.