Scholarships for First-year Students (And Some Second-years)

First-Year Scholarships
Above: A new student moves into a residence hall at UIS.

Make a Difference for First-Year Students (and Some Second-Year Students)

Thank you for your interest in giving to scholarship fundsfor first-year students. If you want to add your gift to one of the scholarships below, you can give safely online or by mail to our office. Thank you!

CAP Merit Scholarship

UIS admits a small number of highly qualified first-year college students into the Capital Scholars Honors Program, a four-year baccalaureate program that combines an integrated core of general education courses with study of a foreign language and any of UIS’ 20 undergraduate majors. The CAP Merit Scholarship is one of the award-based components of the program. The scholarship currently grants awards at four scholarship levels, all of which are renewable for up to four years. “Capital Scholars” can receive a scholarship award for up to four years. All recipients must be full-time, residential students and maintain high academic merit to retain scholarship renewals for succeeding academic years of eligibility.

Chancellor’s Scholarship

Established in 1999, the Chancellor’s Scholarship has been awarded to full-time students maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or higher with preference given to freshmen.

Mabel and Harvey Lynn Award

The Mabel and Harvey Lynn Award was established in honor and memory of the parents and in-laws of Dr. Robert Lynn and former chancellor, Dr. Naomi Lynn. Dr. Naomi Lynn was the first Hispanic woman president of an American public university, and she served during the transition of the university from Sangamon State to the University of Illinois. Preference for awarding the Mabel and Harvey Lynn Scholarship is given to full-time freshmen and sophomore applicants in good academic standing.

Naomi B. Lynn Distinguished Capital Scholars Fund

The Naomi B. Lynn Distinguished Capital Scholars Scholarship was established in honor of Naomi B. Lynn, Chancellor of UIS for nine years. Under her watch the university welcomed its first freshmen and sophomore students to the campus and began its first doctoral program. Ms. Lynn also served on civic boards and advisory committees throughout Springfield. Naomi B. Lynn Scholars can receive scholarship awards for up to four years. Applicants must be full-time, freshman or sophomore residential students with high academic merit. Scholarship is renewable pending maintenance of academic merit.

Rand Linton Megginson Memorial Scholarship

The Rand Linton Megginson Memorial Scholarship was established by Mr. R. Norman Megginson in honor of his son, Rand, who was a computer science major when an unexpected tragedy claimed his life in 1996. Before his death, Rand had received an academic scholarship to Millikin University and was named Secretary of its Math and Computer Sciences Club. Applicants for this scholarship should be full-time students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and demonstrated financial need. An expository letter describing the benefit(s) of the scholarship to the applicant is also required. Preference given to students interested in computer science or agriculture.

Rotary Club of Springfield: Francis W. Wenzel Memorial Scholarship

The Rotary Club of Springfield, a long-time civic presence in the Springfield community, established its own scholarship at UIS to assist Springfield High School graduates with their education. In 2008, the name of the scholarship was expanded to The Rotary Club of Springfield: Francis W. Wenzel Memorial Scholarship in honor of Mr. Wenzel who served the Rotary Club in capacities of president, secretary and treasurer before his death. Recipients selected for this scholarship must be a graduate of Springfield High School, enrolled at UIS for a minimum of four semester hours, and be in good academic standing.


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