Funds that Support the Forensics Team

Forensics team
Above: Students on the 2012-13 UIS Forensics Team.

Competing for UIS

Students on the UIS Forensics Team travel around the state and country competing in speech and debate competitions. They attend eight tournaments in and around Illinois, with the possibility of qualifying for a national tournament each year.

For the speech category, students can choose to compete in

Students also compete in parliamentary debate, in which a student will either support a resolution or oppose it.

Your Gifts Contribute to Forensics Team Success

The ability to communicate in speech, either in a prepared format or extemporaneously, is one that all professionals need. By helping the forensics team, you’ll be giving students an outstanding opportunity to hone those skills, while growing in academic ability and personal confidence. Students also benefit from peer-coaching.

And as you can see from the photograph above, the team develops into a family who supports and enjoys each other–and that’s an important benefit you can achieve as well.

For these reasons, we welcome your contributions to the Team. You’ll be a huge encouragement to the students, who put so much effort into representing UIS well.